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Frequently Asked Questions

AllMusic has my credits combined with somebody else's. How can these be split up? [+]

Artists with the same or very similar names are accidentally combined on occasion by our data provider TiVo. To get them properly split, please follow the information on the Submit Corrections links available in the sidebar on the artist page. 

Please be as detailed as possible to aid the data team in splitting the credits correctly.

An example would be: "My name is Joe Smith and I am an oboe player. The database has my credits listed incorrectly on this page

The credits that should be applied to my work are: (Oboe, Clarinet) (Oboe) (Oboe, Handclaps)"

Similarly, if an album by another band is listed under your name, use the Submit Corrections link on your page to indicate clearly which albums are yours, and which should be moved to another artist.