Data Corrections

We place a very high value on information from our users. Our data provider (a company called TiVo) makes every effort to review corrections and additional information submissions. We appreciate the time you take to send this information to them, but due to the immense volume of correspondence they receive, they are unable to provide each person a personal response. It can, at times, take a bit of time for your submitted information to appear on our sites as TiVo needs to validate the information provided. Please include your information source in your submission. If the information provided is incomplete or unclear, the correction may not be able to be put in place.

Submitting requests for updates is an easy 3 step process:

Step 1:

Search to find the artist or album that you have a corrected information for.

Search to find the artist or album

Step 2:

Once you find the item you would like to submit a correction for, click on the “Submit corrections” in the bottom of the left sidebar:

click on the &quote;Submit corrections&quote;

Clicking on this will open a corrections form:

Corrections form

Step 3:

Please fill in the areas that you have additional information or a correction for. Also please include the Information Source for the data you are providing so TiVo can validate the accuracy of the correction. Including your name and email address is also helpful if they have questions and need to reach out to you.

Once you have entered everything, click the submit button at the bottom.