On One and All, Together, for Home, eight European metal bands came together to pay tribute to the musical heritage of their home countries. These aren't distortion-drenched modern updates of Ukrainian or Portuguese folk songs, but rather faithful renditions of songs that are deeply entrenched in the history of these countries. Fans of bands such as Kampfar, Drudkh, Primordial and other bands that have been pegged with the "folk metal" label will recognize these musical elements as things the bands use to enrich their more overtly metal output, but this is the first time many of these bands are using the folk elements exclusively as stand-alone pieces of music. Crunching guitars and blastbeats have been replaced with violins, acoustic guitars, and instruments indigenous to the respective nations.

For reference, here's the nationalities represented:
• Ava Inferi (Portugal)
• Drudkh (Ukraine)
• Häive (Finland)
• Himinbjorg (France)
• Kampfar (Norway)
• Mondvolland (The Netherlands)
• Primordial (Ireland)
• Winterfylleth (England)

One and All, Together, for Home can be pre-ordered from Season of Mist.

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