Los Angeles rock band Mother Superior drew regional acclaim in the late nineties, particularly with their excellent 1998 album Deep, produced by Henry Rollins, who subsequently brought them in as the backing musicians in the Rollins Band. Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, a long time Mother Superior fan, teamed up with the band's former frontman, Jim Wilson, and invited a few friends to revamp some of the band's songs under the name Motor Sister. Alongside Wilson and Ian, Ride also features Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint) on bass, John Tempesta (White Zombie) on drums and Pearl Aday (Ian's wife, daughter of Meat Loaf) on backing vocals.

Now with the benefit of an expanded two-guitar lineup, the songs are given extra muscle and crunch, but rather than cluttering the sound, the thick sound makes Ride an exciting collection of no-frills, swaggering rock and roll. It's out March 10 on Metal Blade Records.

Ride can be pre-ordered via Metal Blade Records.

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