Samuel Adler

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The music of composer and educator Adler, over 400 published works, encompasses every genre and is performed worldwide.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sephardic Choruses (5), for chorus (from Ever Since Babylon) 19?? Choral
A Psalm Trilogy Choral
Into the Radiant Boundaries of Light, for viola & guitar 1993 Chamber Music
L'chah Dodi, for cantor, flute, chorus & organ Choral
Mah Tovu, for cantor, chorus & organ Choral
Sonata for harpsichord Keyboard
Time, You Old Gypsy Man for voice & piano Vocal Music
A Prophecy of Peace, for chorus Choral
Transfiguration: An Ecumenical Mass, for soprano, alto, chorus, brass ensemble & organ 2000 Choral
Psalm 24, for chorus, brass ensemble & organ ("The earth is the Lord's") Choral
Canto IV, for solo saxophone 1971 Chamber Music
Rocking Horse Winner, for soprano, oboe, cello & piano Vocal Music
Symphony No. 5 for soprano & orchestra ("We Are the Echoes") 1974 Symphony
The Binding, oratorio Choral
Festive Proclamation, for organ 1995 Keyboard
Hashikivenu, for cantor, chorus & organ 1976 Choral
Proclaim God's Greatness, for chorus & organ Choral
Hymnset, chorale preludes (4) for organ Keyboard
To Celebrate a Miracle, for large wind ensemble or wind orchestra Band Music
Road To Terpsichore (Dance Suite) for piano Keyboard
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