Karlheinz Stockhausen

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The most influential, unique voice in the musical avant-garde, with a keen sensitivity to the acoustical realities and possibilities of sound.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Hymnen, for electronic and concrete sounds 1969 Electronic/Computer Music
Gesang der Jünglinge, for electronics & taped boy's voice 1955 Electronic/Computer Music
Klavierstück XV (Synthi-fou) (from the opera "Dienstag"), for piano 1992 Keyboard
Zyklus, for solo percussion 1959 Chamber Music
Kontakte, for piano, percussion & electronic sounds 1958 Chamber Music Avant-Garde Music
Freitag from "LICHT," opera 1991 Opera
Aus den sieben Tagen, 15 text compositions for "intuitive" music 1968 Chamber Music
Tierkreis, for 12 music boxes or ensemble 1974 Chamber Music
Kontra-Punkte, for 10 instruments 1952 Chamber Music
The Pied Piper (from "Montag" from "LICHT"), for alto flute, piccolo, synthesizers, percussion & tape 1986 Chamber Music
Tuesday-Farewell (from "Dienstag" from "LICHT"), for chorus, keyboards & electronics 1991 Choral
Helikopter String Quartet (from "Mittwoch" from "LICHT"), for 4 helicopters & string quartet 1992 Miscellaneous (Classical) Chamber Music
Momente, for soprano, 4 choruses & 13 instrumentalists (1962 version) 1962 Choral
Mikrophonie I for tam-tam, microphones & 2 filters with potentiometers 1964 Electronic/Computer Music
Kurzwellen, for 6 players 1968 Electronic/Computer Music
In Freundschaft, for melody instrument 1977 Chamber Music
The 7 Songs of the Day (from "Montag" from "LICHT"), for voice, child's voice & chordal instrument 1986 Vocal Music
Klavierstück XI, for piano 1956 Keyboard
Klavierstück IX, for piano 1954 Keyboard
Klavierstück V, for piano 1954 Keyboard
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