Rolf Lislevand

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Lislevand has mastered the lute, theorbo, and baroque guitar, playing with a historical approach that uses a large degree of improvisation.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Intro and Exit for Passacaille in B minor by Robert de Visée 01:18 Chamber Music
Passacaglia celtica (after the Margaret Board Lute Book, ca. 1620-1635) 02:00 Chamber Music
Passacaglia cantus firmus (after Luys de Narváez) 02:33 Chamber Music
Passacaglia antica 3 (after Domenico Pellegrini) 01:48 Chamber Music
Intro to Passacaille in G minor by Francesco Corbetta 01:20 Chamber Music
Passacaglia cromatica 01:52 Chamber Music
Passacaglia spontanea 04:13 Chamber Music
Passacaglia antica 1 (after Domenico Pellegrini) 02:09 Chamber Music
Passacaglia andaluz 2 02:18 Chamber Music
Arpeggiata addio (after Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger) 07:19 Chamber Music
Passacaglia andaluz 1 02:35 Chamber Music
Toccata (after Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger) 05:31 Chamber Music
Corrente (after Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger) 01:52 Chamber Music
Toccata (after Alessandro Piccinini) 02:38 Chamber Music
Passacaglia antica 2 (after Domenico Pellegrini) 02:03 Chamber Music
In dulci jubilo, carol setting for lute ensemble 02:28 Chamber Music
Toccata cromatica (after Alessandro Piccinini) 03:45 Chamber Music
Corrente (after Bernardo Gianoncelli) 02:18 Chamber Music
Old Marian Song, for violin, lute & double bass 00:34 Chamber Music
Ciaccona (after Alessandro Piccinini) 02:57 Chamber Music
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