Instrumentalist and conductor Savall explores culturally diverse music -- from Europe to Africa to Asia -- from Medieval to Baroque.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Mareta, mareta no'm faces plorar, cançó de bressol for voice & ensemble 05:17 Vocal Music
Prélude pour Mr. Vauquelin, improvisation for bass viol (after de Sainte Colombe le fils' Prelude in G minor) 01:48 Orchestral
Le départ, for flute & 2 lutes 01:39 Chamber Music
Ce jour de l'an, rondeau for 3 lutes (after Guillaume Dufay) 01:19 Chamber Music
Jeanne la Pucelle, film score 1994 01:01:42 Film Score
José embala o menino, canção de embalar for voice & ensemble 05:38 Vocal Music
Fantaise for viol in E minor (after de Sainte Colombe le fils) 02:42 Chamber Music
Les Ombres, for viols da gamba, harpsichord & percussion 04:53 Chamber Music
Les solitudes (prière II), for organ (after the anonymous "Adoramus te") 00:55 Keyboard
Sonnerie royale pour la fin du Sacre, for wind instruments & drums 01:26 Chamber Music
Les voix, for 3 voices (after Guillaume Dufay) 00:40 Choral
La Pucelle, for flute, 2 lutes & viola da gamba (after the anonymous melody "L'Homme armé") 01:54 Chamber Music
L'Homme armé, for ensemble (after the Sanctus from the Mass by Guillaume Dufay) 01:59 Chamber Music
Fortune, par ta cruaulte, rondeau (after Johannes Vincenet) 02:17 Chamber Music
La trémouille, rondeau for flute, viol & 3 lutes 02:10 Chamber Music
Te Deum, for chorus 02:33 Choral
Fanfare du Sacre, for ensemble 00:56 Chamber Music
La sacre de Charles VII 03:39 Choral
Aiñhara & Canto de Ciego, for rabab, pandereta, pandeiro & tambour (after traditional Galician melodies) 03:46 Chamber Music
Variations sur O soñjal (Gwerz Breton), for ensemble 04:27 Chamber Music
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