Francis Poulenc was the leading composer of Les Six, the French group devoted to turning music away from Impressionism, formality, and intellectualism. He wrote in a direct and tuneful manner, often juxtaposing the witty and ironic with the sentimental or melancholy. He heavily favored diatonic and modal textures over chromatic writing. His music also shows many elements of pandiatonicism, introduced around 1920 by Stravinsky, whose influence can be heard in some of Poulenc's compositions, such as the religious choral work, Gloria. Poulenc is regarded as one of the most important twentieth century composers of religious music, and in the realm of the French art song he is also a major voice of his time. Poulenc was also a pianist of considerable ability. Poulenc was born into a wealthy family of pharmaceutical magnates. The agrochemical ...
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sextet for wind quintet & piano in C major, FP 100 1932 18:11 Chamber Music
Concerto for 2 pianos & orchestra in D minor, FP 61 1932 19:44 Concerto
Dialogues des Carmélites, opera, FP 159 1953 02:21:53 Opera
Trio for oboe, bassoon & piano, FP 43 1926 12:38 Chamber Music
Gloria, for soprano, chorus & orchestra, FP 177 1959 21:45 Choral
Concerto for organ, strings & timpani in G minor, FP 93 1938 22:14 Concerto
Quatre motets pour un temps de pénitence, for chorus, FP 97 1938 12:54 Choral
Le bestiaire (Cortège d'Orphée), song cycle for voice & piano (or chamber ensemble), FP 15a 1919 04:01 Vocal Music
Banalités, song cycle for voice & piano, FP 107 1940 08:13 Vocal Music
Quatre motets pour le temps de Noël, for chorus, FP 152 1951 09:55 Choral
Les chemins de l'amour ("Les chemins qui vont"), for voice & piano (or orchestra), FP 106a 1940 03:43 Vocal Music
Salve Regina, for chorus, FP 110 1941 04:43 Choral
Exultate Deo, motet for solemn occasions, for chorus, FP 109 1941 02:52 Choral
Aubade, choreographic concerto for piano & 18 instruments, FP 51a 1929 19:52 Ballet Concerto
Litanies à la Vierge Noire, for female (or children's) chorus & organ, FP 82a 1936 08:42 Choral
Mass in G major for chorus, FP 89 1937 18:35 Choral
Litanies à la Vierge Noire, for female (or children's) chorus, strings & timpani, FP 82b 1947 08:48 Choral
Un soir de neige, chamber cantata for 6 voices (or chorus), FP 126 1944 06:17 Choral
Sonata for clarinet & piano, FP 184 1962 13:41 Chamber Music
Sonata for flute & piano, FP 164 1956 12:18 Chamber Music
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