Satie wrote music known for eccentric titles and performance directions, unique sound, and lack of allegiance to any one aesthetic.
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Piano Works, Vol. 1 "First and Last Works" / Piano Works, Vol. 2 "Mystical Works" / Pia 1989 Piano Works, Vol. 1 "First and Last Works" / Piano Works, Vol. 2 "Mystical Works" / Pia
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Gymnopédies (3), for piano (also orchestrated by Debussy) 1888 08:35 Keyboard
Parade, ballet in 1 scene for orchestra 1916 14:04 Ballet
Gnossiennes (6), for piano 1889 12:04 Keyboard
Morceaux (3) en forme de poire (3 pieces in the form of a pear), for piano, 4 hands or orchestra 1903 10:49 Keyboard
Messe des pauvres (Mass for the poor), for piano, chorus & organ 1892 16:57 Choral
Sports et divertissements (Sports and diversions), pieces (21) for piano 1914 11:28 Keyboard
Descriptions automatiques, for piano 1913 04:25 Keyboard
Relâche (No Performance Today), ballet for orchestra (also piano version) 1924 08:49 Ballet
Le fils des étoiles, Chaldean pastoral, 3 preludes for piano 1891 10:34 Keyboard
Sonneries de la Rose + Croix, for piano 1892 12:21 Keyboard
Véritables préludes flasques pour un chien (Truly Flabby Preludes for a Dog), for piano 1912 02:44 Keyboard
Prélude de La Porte héroïque du ciel (Prelude to "The Heroic Gate of Heaven"), incidental music for piano (or orchestra) 1894 04:34 Keyboard
Avant-dernières pensées (Next-to-last thoughts), pieces (3) for piano 1915 03:25 Keyboard
Embryons desséchés (3 dried-up embryos), for piano 1913 05:44 Keyboard
Sonatine bureaucratique, for piano 1916 03:53 Keyboard
Les valses (3) distinguées du précieux dégoûté (3 distinguished waltzes of a disgusted dandy), for piano 1914 02:54 Keyboard
Nocturnes (5) for piano 1919 10:11 Keyboard
Croquis et agaceries d'un gros bonhomme en bois (3 sketches and exasperations of a big wooden fellow), for piano 1913 04:29 Keyboard
Préludes flasques; pour un chien (Flabby preludes; for a dog), for piano 1912 03:38 Keyboard
Vieux séquins et vieilles cuirasses (Old sequins and armor), for piano 1913 03:48 Keyboard
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