Phil Klum


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Year Album Artist
2011 Flock Gutbucket Mastering
2011 Florent Ghys: Baroque Tardif Florent Ghys Mastering
2011 Martin Bresnick: Caprichos Enfáticos Lisa Moore / So Percussion Mastering
2010 Asphalt Orchestra Asphalt Orchestra Mastering
2010 Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore Anti-Social Music Mastering
2010 Glow Richard Barone Pre-Mastering
2010 It Would Be Easier If Fast / Slow / Slow/Fast / Ken Thomson Mastering
2009 76 Trombones Dan Zanes Mastering
2009 The Best of Benny Golson Benny Golson Engineer, Audio Engineer
2009 The Welcome Table! Songs of Inspiration, Mystery & Good Times Dan Zanes Mastering
2009 Whatever Works [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mastering
2008 Bound Together Johnny Rodgers Mastering
2008 Disney Music Block Party Mastering
2008 Last Girl On Earth Deni Bonet Mastering
2008 Let's Make A Date Johnny Rodgers Mastering
2008 Michael Gordon: Van Gogh Alarm Will Sound Mastering
2008 Nueva York! Dan Zanes Mastering
2008 Our Deepest Apathy... Gilbert Neal Mastering
2008 West Eleventh St. Sonya Heller Mastering
2007 For the Moment Margaret Slovak Photography, Assistant Engineer
2007 Happydance of the Xenophobe Christine Lavin Mastering
2007 The Spanish Recordings: Mallorca - The Balearic Islands Alan Lomax Mastering
2006 1951 Edinburgh People's Festival Ceilidh Alan Lomax Mastering
2006 Bright Spaces, Vol. 2 Mastering
2006 Catch That Train! Dan Zanes Mastering
2006 Gaelic Songs of Scotland: Women at Work in the Western Isles Alan Lomax Mastering
2006 One Meat Ball Christine Lavin Mastering
2006 The Analogues The Analogues Mastering
2006 The Spanish Recordings: Ibiza and Formentera -- The Pityusic Islands Alan Lomax Mastering
2005 All-Time Top 100 TV Themes Mastering
2005 Be Cool Mastering
2005 Box of Photographs Johnny Rodgers Mastering
2005 Elevated David Lang Mastering
2005 Everything Is Illuminated [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Paul Cantelon Mastering
2005 Folkzinger Christine Lavin Mastering
2005 Italian Treasury: Lombardia Alan Lomax Mastering
2005 The Melophobic Solution Bancroft Mastering
2005 Waiting for the Glaciers to Melt Brian Lane Green Mastering
2005 Winter in Manhattan [Single] Christine Lavin Mastering
2004 ...And the Tin Pan Bended and the Story Ended... Dave Van Ronk Mastering
2004 30 Seconds Over D.C. Mastering
2004 Bang on a Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing Bang on a Can Mastering
2004 Caribbean Voyage: The French Antilles - We Will Play Love Tonight! Alan Lomax Mastering
2004 Collection: An Embarrassment of Richard Richard Barone Remastering
2004 Deep River of Song: Louisiana - Catch That Train and Testify! Mastering
2004 Dry Humping the American Dream Gutbucket Mastering
2004 Harajuku No Emo Ko Tober Mastering
2004 Infusion [Koch 2] Kathleen Supove Mastering
2004 Italian Treasury: Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta Alan Lomax Mastering
2004 Live & Early Singles Trouble Funk Preparation
2004 Live at the Westbeth Theater Henry Rollins Mastering
2004 Open Water Mastering
2004 Parades and Panoramas: 25 Songs Collected by Carl Sandburg Dan Zanes Mastering
2004 Philip Glass: Music in Fifths; Two Pages Bang on a Can / Philip Glass Mastering
2004 Rabbit The Billy Nayer Show Mastering
2004 Sea Music Festval Five Folk / Dan Zanes Mastering
2004 Singing in the Streets: Scottish Children's Songs Alan Lomax Mastering
2004 Slash and Burn Stephan Smith Mastering
2004 Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best Christine Lavin Mastering
2004 Spike TV Video Game Awards: Best of Video Game Music Hits, Vol. 1 Mastering
2004 Spike Video Game Awards Hits, Vol. 1: Best of Video Game Music Mastering
2004 Starsky & Hutch Mastering
2004 The Spanish Recordings: Basque Country -- Biscay and Guipuzcoa Alan Lomax Mastering
2004 The Spanish Recordings: Basque Country -- Navarre Alan Lomax Mastering
2004 Today Lach Editing, Mastering Engineer
2004 Zippo Songs Phil Kline Mastering
2003 A Nicer Shade of Red Rollins Band Post Production
2003 A Clockwork Orange Stage Rollins Band / Henry Rollins Mastering
2003 Alan Lomax: Blues Songbook Alan Lomax Mastering
2003 American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush Mastering, Audio Restoration
2003 Beside the Lion Michaela Wilder Mastering
2003 Blues in the Mississippi Night [2003 Rounder] Mastering
2003 Dark Journey Timothy Dark Mastering
2003 Doubleback Lannie Garrett Engineer, Mixing
2003 Elocation Default Mastering
2003 Italian Treasury: Puglia the Salento Alan Lomax Mastering
2003 Julia Darling Julia Darling Mastering
2003 NBC: A Soundtrack of Must See TV Mastering
2003 New World Worder Stephan Smith Mixing, Mastering
2003 Party Monster Editing, Mastering
2003 Popular Songbook Alan Lomax Restoration
2003 Rastlin Jacob: The Music of the Spiritual Baptist Rastlin Jacob Restoration, Mastering Producer
2003 Solresol Melomane Mastering
2003 The Basement Tapes Milt Hinton Engineer
2003 The Bell Stephan Smith Mastering
2003 The Runaway Christmas Tree Christine Lavin Mastering
2003 Two Gentlemen of the Road: Alan Lomax Collection Jimmy MacBeath Mastering
2003 Widdecombe Fair David Jones / Bill Shute Reissue Mastering
2003 Yellow Blues Rollins Band / Henry Rollins Post Production
2002 Analyze That (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Mastering
2002 Aytobach Kreisor Aytobach Kreisor Mastering
2002 Caribbean Voyage: Nevis and St. Kitts Tea Meetings Alan Lomax Mastering
2002 Danny Weizmann Danny Weizmann Mastering
2002 Deep River of Song: Bahamas 1935, Vol. 2 - Ring Games and Round Dances Alan Lomax Mastering
2002 Deep River of Song: South Carolina - Got the Keys to the Kingdom Alan Lomax Mastering
2002 Go On, Sing Another Song: The Alan Lomax Portait Series Davie Stewart Mastering
2002 I Was in Love With a Difficult Man Christine Lavin Mastering
2002 Italian Treasury: Liguria-Baiardo and Imperia Alan Lomax Mastering
2002 Italian Treasury: Liguria-Polyphony of Ceriana Alan Lomax Mastering
2002 John Strachan: Songs From Aberdeenshire John Strachan Mastering
2002 Narc [Music from the Motion Picture] Cliff Martinez Mastering
2002 Song of Songs Lorenza Ponce / Lorenza Ponce / Ben Zebelman Mastering
2002 Swimf@n Mastering
2002 The Living Room: Live in NYC, Vol. 1 Mastering
2002 The Spanish Recordings: Extremadura Alan Lomax Mastering
2002 Tramps & Hawkers: The Alan Lomax Portait Series Jimmy MacBeath Mastering
2002 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 7: India Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 A Rollins in the Wry Henry Rollins Mastering
2001 Ballad Legacy: The Alan Lomax Portait Series Texas Gladden Mastering
2001 Blue Ridge Legacy: The Alan Lomax Portrait Series Hobart Smith Mastering
2001 Caribbean Voyage: Grenada - Creole and Yoruba Voices Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 Caribbean Voyage: Martinique Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 Caribbean Voyage: Tombstone Feast Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 Deep River of Song: Georgia Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 Happy Accidents Mastering
2001 How Can a Loser Ever Win? Mastering
2001 Indiana Pacers: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Mastering
2001 Italian Treasury: Emilia-Romanga Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 Joe Louis: An American Hero Remastering, Digital Restoration
2001 Kids Fly Free Lach Mastering
2001 Los Angeles Lakers: It's Showtime Mastering
2001 Lynne Me Your Ears: A Tribute to the Music of Jeff Lynne Lynne Me Your Ears Mastering
2001 Minnesota Timberwolves: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Mastering
2001 New York Mets: Songs & Sounds That Shake Shea Mastering
2001 Novocaine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mastering
2001 Snatch Mastering
2001 Someone Like You Mastering
2001 State Property State Property Mastering
2001 Subway Series Christine Lavin Mastering
2001 Suite: Noah's Ark Ben Zebelman Mastering
2001 Texas A&M: Greatest Hits Mastering
2001 The Deep River of Song: Alabama Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 The Italian Treasury: Abruzzo Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 The Spanish Recordings: Aragon and Valencia Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 The Spanish Recordings: Galicia Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 Waking Life [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mastering
2001 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 5: Yugoslavia Alan Lomax Mastering
2001 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. XVII: Romania Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 2gether 2gether Mastering
2000 At the Eleventh Hour The Other 99 Mastering
2000 Brown Immortal Benny Golson / Benny Golson Group Engineer, Mixing
2000 Caribbean Voyage: Saraca, Funerary Music of Carriacou Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 Classic Ballads of Britain and Ireland, Vol. 2 Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 Deep River of Song: Big Brazos Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 Deep River of Song: Virginia and the Piedmont Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 Getting in Touch with My Inner Bitch Christine Lavin Mastering
2000 Girl, Interrupted [Including Score] Mastering
2000 Miss Congeniality Mastering
2000 Music of the Nashville Predators Mastering
2000 Pastoral Hide & Seek/Divinity The Gun Club Mastering
2000 Platinum Holes Car 44 Mastering
2000 Simply Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad About the Loser's Lounge Mastering
2000 Sing Christmas and the Turn of the Year Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 Songs of Seduction Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 Survivor [Original Television Soundtrack] Mastering
2000 The Album Latanya Mastering
2000 The Ballad Operas: The Martins & The Coys Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 The Bellevue Years Christine Lavin Engineer
2000 The Brian Woodbury Songbook Brian Woodbury Mastering
2000 The Caribbean Voyage: Trinidad, The 1962 Field Recordings Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 The Full Monty [Original Broadway Cast] Mastering
2000 The Italian Treasury: Sicily Alan Lomax Mastering
2000 The Secondhand Heart for Sale: The Songs of Joe McMahon, Jr. Joe McMahon Jr. Mastering
2000 The Stealth Project Mastering
2000 What Will Become of England? Harry Cox Mastering
1999 Back to Our Roots, Vol. 1 Too Bad Mastering
1999 Bahamas 1935: Chanteys & Anthems from Andros & Cat Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Black Appalachia: String Bands, Songsters and Hoedowns Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Blang! Lach Mastering
1999 Calypso After Midnight!: The Live Midnight Special Concert Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Caribbean Voyage: Caribbean Sampler Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Caribbean Voyage: Dominica - Creole Crossroads Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Caribbean Voyage: East Indian Music in the West Indies Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Carriacou Calaloo Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Deep River of Song: Mississippi - The Blues Lineage Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Hash Brown's Texas Blues Revue Hash Brown Engineer
1999 Italian Treasury: Folk Music & Song of Italy Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Italian Treasury: The Trallaleri of Genoa Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 Labor of Love Ola Dixon Mastering
1999 Now's the Time Stephan Smith Mastering
1999 Passion Planet: Songs of Love from Around the World Mastering
1999 Scared from the Crypt Scare Dem Crew Mastering
1999 Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya: Hot New Rump-Shakin Hits Mastering
1999 The 5th Element Bounty Killer Mastering
1999 The Source Presents: Hip Hop Hits, Vol. 3 Digital Mastering, Mastering
1999 Three Wishes Erica Wheeler Mastering
1999 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 4: Spain Alan Lomax Mastering
1999 You and the Night and the Music Lynda Jamison Mastering
1998 Brian Eno: Music for Airports Bang on a Can Mastering
1998 Burnin' Up Shawn Pittman Mastering
1998 Cadillac Blues Johnnie Bassett & The Blues Insurgents Engineer, Mastering
1998 Dark City [Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture] Trevor Jones Mastering
1998 Deception in Your Eyes Robert Charles Mastering
1998 Down With It Reuben Wilson Mastering
1998 Greaze Is What's Good Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom Mastering
1998 I Sang Through the Fairs - The Alan Lomax Portait Series Margaret Barry Mastering
1998 Jazz Organ Summit Charles Earland Mastering
1998 Lost in Space [Original Soundtrack] Mastering
1998 One Wild Night in Concert Christine Lavin Mastering
1998 Remembering Clifford Benny Golson Engineer, Mixing
1998 Right Now Idris Muhammad Mastering
1998 Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: Final Frontiers Mastering
1998 Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2: Dark Side Mastering
1998 Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: Uninvited Mastering
1998 Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4: Defenders of Justice Mastering
1998 Smoke Signals Mastering
1998 Songs of Christmas from the Alan Lomax Collection Mastering
1998 Southern Journey, Vol. 10: And Glory Shone Around Alabama Sacred Harp Singers Mastering
1998 Southern Journey, Vol. 11: Honor the Lamb The Belleville a Cappella Choir Mastering
1998 Southern Journey, Vol. 12: Georgia Sea Islands The Georgia Sea Island Singers Mastering
1998 Southern Journey, Vol. 13: Earliest Times The Georgia Sea Island Singers Mastering
1998 Southern Soul Bobby Rush Mastering
1998 Species II (Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack) Mastering
1998 Staying Power Tutu Jones Mastering
1998 The Growling Tiger of Calypso - The Alan Lomax Portait Series Neville Marcano Mastering
1998 The Queen Among the Heather: The Alan Lomax Portait Series Jeannie Robertson Mastering
1998 This Time Around Otis Clay Mastering
1998 Watch What You Say Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones Mastering
1998 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 1: England Alan Lomax Mastering
1998 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 2: Ireland Alan Lomax Mastering
1998 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 3: Scotland Alan Lomax Mastering
1997 1776 (New Broadway Cast Recording) Mastering
1997 Addicted to Love [Original Score] Rachel Portman Mastering
1997 Alan Lomax Collection Sampler Mastering
1997 All Over Me Mastering
1997 Black Coffee Blues Henry Rollins Mastering
1997 Blues Across America: The Dallas Scene Engineer
1997 Caribbean Voyage: Brown Girl in the Ring Alan Lomax Mastering
1997 First Recordings: The Alan Lomax Portrait Series Mississippi Fred McDowell Mastering
1997 Flow of X Matthew Shipp Quartet Mastering
1997 Kama Sutra [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mychael Danna Mastering
1997 Keepin' the Blues Alive Bernard Allison Mastering
1997 Let Me Play with Your Poodle Marcia Ball Mastering
1997 Playin' the Man Dave Hall Mastering
1997 Prison Songs, Vol. 1: Murderous Home Mastering
1997 Prison Songs, Vol. 2: Don'tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling Mastering
1997 Shining My Flashlight on the Moon Christine Lavin Mastering
1997 Soldier for the Blues Little Jimmy King Mastering
1997 Southern Journey, Vol. 1: Voices from the American South Mastering
1997 Southern Journey, Vol. 2: Ballads and Breakdown Mastering
1997 Southern Journey, Vol. 3: 61 Highway Mississippi Mastering
1997 Southern Journey, Vol. 4: Brethren, We Meet Again Mastering
1997 Southern Journey, Vol. 5: Bad Man Ballads Mastering
1997 Southern Journey, Vol. 7: Ozark Frontier Mastering
1997 Southern Journey, Vol. 8: Velvet Voices Mastering
1997 Super Hits Mott the Hoople Mastering
1997 Tetrafied Bush Tetras Mastering
1997 The Devil's Advocate [Original Score] James Newton Howard Mastering
1996 2-Z Matthew Shipp Mastering
1996 Cubist Blues Alex Chilton / Ben Vaughn / Alan Vega Mastering
1996 DJ's Take Control, Vol. 3 Deep Dish Digital Mastering
1996 Fargo/Barton Fink Carter Burwell Mastering
1996 Jingle All the Way [TVT] Mastering
1996 Know What I've Learned Lynda Jamison Mastering
1996 Songs of the Spirit Robin Spielberg Editing, Mastering
1996 The Heavy Soul Experience of Mother Superior Mother Superior Mastering
1995 Se7en [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mastering
1994 Avenue Blue Jeff Golub Assistant Engineer
1994 Christine Lavin Presents: On a Winter's Night Mastering
1994 Zo Matthew Shipp Mastering
1992 Duophonic Charles & Eddie Assistant Engineer
1992 The End of Silence Rollins Band / Henry Rollins Mastering
1992 The Land Where the Blues Began Alan Lomax Mastering
1991 Cool Running Jeremy Wall Assistant Engineer
1991 Rainbow's Revenge Glenn Alexander Assistant Engineer
1991 Windham Hill Records Guitar Sampler, Vol. 2 Mixing Assistant
1990 Carol Chaikin Carol Chaikin Engineer
1990 Introducing the Trio Kenny Werner Assistant Engineer
1990 Long as You're Living Judy Niemack Assistant Engineer
1990 Two Amigos Dave Valentin Engineer
1989 Soldiers of Fortune Santi Debriano Assistant Engineer
1989 Steady On Shawn Colvin Assistant Engineer
1989 Sweatbox: Spoken Word 1987-1988 [Quarterstick] Henry Rollins Mastering, Tape Transfer
1988 Hee Haw The Birthday Party Remastering
1987 Mother Juno The Gun Club Mastering
1983 Deep at Night Alex de Grassi Assistant Engineer
1982 Drums Along the Hudson The Bongos Remastering, Mastering, Restoration
1973 Glass Bead Game, Vol. 2 Clifford Jordan Digital Transfers
1973 Musa Ancestral Streams Stanley Cowell Digital Transfers
1969 Izipho Zam Pharoah Sanders Digital Transfers
Glow EP, Vol. 1 Richard Barone Mastering
Jaw Kambar Kalendarov / Nyshanov / Kalendarov and Sultanbekov Mastering
Just One Angel, V2.0: Even More Holiday Classics Mastering
Only You Esther Beckman Mastering
Songs of Boyhood Dave Hall Mastering
Songs of Brooklyn Dave Hall Mastering
Status Nicholas Stefanacci Mastering
Whats All the Buzz About? Joe Roberto and Poverty Hash Mastering