American composer and sound designer Kim Cascone may be more recognizable in his former role as head of Silent Records, the label he founded in the mid-'80s, but his recordings during the early '90s as PGR, Spice Barons and Thessalonians plus during the mid-'90s as Heavenly Music Corporation, were equally as visible. A soundtrack composer through the early '80s before striking out on his own, Cascone studied electronic music arrangement and composition formally at the Berklee College of Music in the early '70s before studying in with Dana McCurdy at Manhattan's New School in 1976. Subsequently working as assistant musical supervisor under director David Lynch on both Twin Peaks and Wild at Heart, Cascone left Hollywood for San Francisco in the mid-'80s to pursue solo composition, forming Silent Records in 1986 after self-releasing his ...
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A Hole of Unknown Depth 1995 A Hole of Unknown Depth
The Morning Book of Serpents 1995 The Morning Book of Serpents
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