There is no need to argue: Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. The favorite moniker of Japan's Masami Akita appears on more than 500 albums. His name is taken from German artist Kurt Schwitters' famous work Merzbau. Merzbow's choice reflects his fondness for junk art and his fascination with ritualized eroticism. Akita began self-releasing his work in 1980 and was an integral part of the international cassette and mail-art underground. While early releases, such as 1981's Remblandt Assemblage, were made using tape manipulations, metal percussion, and found objects, he began producing harsh noise using live electronics at the end of the '80s. His work became influenced by death metal and grindcore, and releases on Release Entertainment -- including 1994's Venereology and 1996's Pulse Demon -- exposed him to new ...
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