Paul Talkington


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Year Album Artist
2017 Power Rangers [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Brian Tyler Orchestra Contractor
2017 Smurfs: The Lost Village [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Christopher Lennertz Orchestra Contractor
2017 The Mummy Brian Tyler Orchestra Contractor
2016 Francis Shaw: Piano Concerto No. 1; Piano Concerto No. 2 Martin Jones Recording Coordinator
2016 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Christopher Lennertz Orchestra Contractor
2016 Now You See Me 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Brian Tyler Orchestra Contractor
2016 The Nice Guys [Original Motion Picture Score] Slovak National Symphony Orchestra / Allan Wilson Recording Manager
2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Danny Elfman / Brian Tyler Music Contractor
2015 Los Dúo Juan Gabriel Contratista
2015 Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Richard Stone Coordination
2014 Hercules [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Fernando Velázquez Recording Manager
2014 Nightcrawler [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] James Newton Howard Orchestra Contractor
2014 Non-Stop [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] John Ottman Orchestra Contractor
2014 Pompeii [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Clinton Shorter Contractor
2013 Elysium [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Ryan Amon Orchestra Contractor, Scoring Coordinator
2013 Iron Man 3 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Brian Tyler Contractor, Recording Manager
2012 Nathan Pacheco Nathan Pacheco Orchestra Contractor
2012 Transformers Prime: Season One - Music from the Animated Series Brian Tyler Music Contractor
2011 Final Destination 5 [Original Score] Brian Tyler Music Contractor
2011 Machine Gun Preacher [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Asche & Spencer Orchestral Coordinator
2011 Tabloid John Kusiak Coordination
2010 Creation: The True Story of Charles Darwin [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Christopher Young Music Contractor
2010 Mirrors 2 Frederik Wiedmann Orchestra Contractor
2010 Skyline [Original Score] Matthew Margeson Orchestra Contractor
2009 Empire Total War: The Soundtrack The Creative Assembly Music Coordinator
2009 Whiteout : Music from the Original Motion Picture John Frizzell Contractor
2008 The Counterfeiters [Music from the Motion Picture] Music Coordinator
2008 The Strangers [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Tomandandy Contractor
2007 Darfur Now [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Graeme Revell Orchestra Contractor
2007 Molière [Original Soundtrack] Frédéric Talgorn Concert Master, Orchestra Leader
2007 Rennschwein: Rudi Rüssel 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Music Contractor
2007 Sognami Alessandro Safina Orchestra Contractor
2007 The Namesake [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Orchestral Coordinator
2006 Hostel [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Nathan Barr Orchestra Contractor
2006 Slither [Original Motion Picture Score] Tyler Bates Recording Coordinator
2006 Tideland Mychael Danna & Jeff Danna Contractor, Music Contractor
2005 Fable [Original Soundtrack] Session Coordinator
2005 Napola: Elite Fur Den Fuhrer Orchestra Contractor, Contractor
2005 The Exorcism of Emily Rose [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Special Limited Edition] Christopher Young Recording Coordinator
2005 The Fly/The Fly II [Original Motion Picture Soundtracks] Howard Shore Music Coordinator
2005 The Return [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Dario Marianelli Music Contractor
2004 Christopher Gunning: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra; Storm; Symphony No. 1 Olga Dudnik / Christopher Gunning Orchestra Assembly
2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Jeff Danna Contractor
2004 The Lion in Winter [Original Television Soundtrack] Richard Hartley Contractor
2004 The Statement [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Normand Corbeil Orchestra Contractor, Choir Contractor
2003 Hellraiser: The Chronicles Christopher Young Music Coordinator
2003 Inocente de Ti Juan Gabriel Contratista
2003 Secondhand Lions: Music from the Original Motion Picture Patrick Doyle Recording Coordinator
2003 The Gospel of John [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Jeff Danna Contractor
2002 The Shipping News [Music from the Motion Picture] Christopher Young Orchestra Contractor
2001 The Mists of Avalon [Original TV Soundtrack] Lee Holdridge Orchestra Manager
2000 Urban Legends: Final Cut John Ottman Orchestra Contractor
1999 The King and I [Original Animated Feature Soundtrack] Recording Coordinator
1999 The Life of Birds Munich Symphony Orchestra Orchestra Contractor
1998 Korngold: The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And Essex Unknown Contributor Role
1998 Madeline [Sony] Michel Legrand Contractor
1997 Into Thin Air: Death on Everest Lee Holdridge Coordination
1995 Don Quixote [Original Soundtrack] Richard Hartley Contractor
1995 Highlander: The Original Scores Recording Coordinator, Orchestral Coordinator
1993 The Temp Orchestra Manager
1991 Body Parts Orchestra Manager
1990 Moon 44 Joel Goldsmith Music Coordinator
1990 Sundown [Original Soundtrack] Richard Stone Orchestra Contractor
1988 Hellraiser 2: Hellbound - Time to Play Christopher Young Music Coordinator
1988 Magdalene Cliff Eidelman Conductor, Orchestration
1988 The Deceivers Coordination
Big Ass Spider! [Original Score] Ceiri Torjussen Orchestra Contractor
Dead Souls [Original Soundtrack] Jonathan Bartz / Matthew Llewellyn Orchestra Contractor
Expendables 3 [Original Soundtrack] Brian Tyler Orchestra Contractor
Fable III [Game Soundtrack] Russell Shaw Orchestral Coordinator
Fury [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Steven Price Orchestra Contractor
Legion [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] John Frizzell Music Contractor
Spellbound [Complete Original Motion Picture Score] Allan Wilson Producer, Recording Coordinator
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Jeff Danna / Mychael Danna Orchestra Contractor