The child of former missionaries, composer Harry Partch grew up in a musical family, and at an early age taught himself to play the guitar, harmonium, clarinet, and other instruments. During his early school years in Arizona and New Mexico he had some rudimentary music lessons, which he found unexciting and conventional. He wrote a considerable amount of music as a youth, but set it all afire in a pot-bellied stove around 1930. Partch's intensive studies in music history and intonation led him to reject conventional Western tunings and musical techniques. He devised a 43-note octave, and started adapting and building instruments to perform the new kind of music he was envisioning. Employment was hard to come by in those years, and Partch spent the Depression wandering the United States as a hobo, doing occasional odd jobs. Those ...
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
The Letter, for intoning voice, kithara, harmonic canon, surrogate kithara, diamond marimba, bass marimba (from "The Wayward") 1943 03:05 Vocal Music
Castor & Pollux, for Partch instruments 1952 15:24 Chamber Music
And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma, for large ensemble of Partch instruments 1963 35:52 Chamber Music
Barstow (from "The Wayward"), for two voices, surrogate kithara, chromelodeon, diamond marimba & boo 1941 09:58 Vocal Music
Studies (2) on Ancient Greek Scales, for harmonic canon & bass marimba (from "Eleven Intrusions") 1946 03:48 Chamber Music
Revelation in the Courthouse Park, opera for voices, large ensemble of traditional & Partch instruments & tape 1959 01:24:37 Opera
The Wayward, cycle or 4 pieces for voices & Partch instruments 1941 41:32 Vocal Music
Daphne of the Dunes (revision of "Windsong"), ballet for Partch instruments and tape recording of Partch instruments 1958 18:28 Ballet
The Bewitched, dance-satire for voices & large ensemble of traditional & Partch instruments 1955 01:16:02 Ballet
The Dreamer That Remains - A Study in Loving, film score for voices, chorus & 15 Partch instruments 1972 10:35 Film Score
By the Rivers of Babylon, for adapted viola & intoning voice, kithara & chromelodeon 1931 03:34 Vocal Music
Ring Around the Moon, for baritone & Partch instruments 1952 09:19 Ballet
U.S. Highball, for voices & Partch instruments (from "The Wayward") 1943 28:46 Vocal Music
Dark Brother, for intoning voice, chromelodeon, adapted viola, kithara & bass marimba 1942 08:38 Vocal Music
Eleven Intrusions, collection for voice, traditional & Partch instruments 1949 22:03 Vocal Music
Yankee Doodle Fantasy, for soprano, tin flutes, tin oboe, flex-a-tones & chromelodeon 1944 03:58 Vocal Music
Ulysses at the Edge, for voice & Partch instruments 1955 06:57 Vocal Music
Even Wild Horses, for baritone & Partch instruments 1949 23:29 Ballet
Water! Water!, intermission for voices, choruses, original & Partch instruments (considered unfinished by Partch) 1961 37:54 Choral
Bless this home, for intoning voice, oboe, adapted viola, kithara, harmonic canon & mazda marimba 1961 03:27 Vocal Music
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