Lou Harrison

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Harrison was the quintessential California composer, blending Western music with Pacific rim cultures, Asian, and other indigenous influences.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concerto for Violin with Percussion Orchestra 1940 Concerto
Concerto in Slendro, for violin, celesta, 2 tack pianos & 2 percussionists 1961 Concerto Chamber Music
Suite for Violin and American Gamelan (collab. with Richard Dee) 1973 Concerto Chamber Music
Piano Concerto with Selected Orchestra 1983 Concerto
Double Concerto, for violin, cello & Javanese gamelan 1981 Concerto
Solstice, ballet for flute, oboe, trumpet, celeste, tack piano, 2 cellos & bass 1949 Ballet
Suite for Symphonic Strings, for string orchestra 1936 Orchestral
Canticle No. 3, for flute (or ocarina), guitar & percussion 1941 Chamber Music
Serenade for guitar with optional percussion 1978 Chamber Music
Jahla, in the form of a Ductia to please Leopold Stokowski on his 90th birthday, for harp (or guitar) & percussion 1972 Chamber Music
Avalokiteshvara, for harp (or grand psaltery or guitar) & percussion 1964 Chamber Music
Music for Bill & Me, for harp or guitar 1966 Chamber Music
Serenade for Guitar (Serenade for Frank Wigglesworth), for guitar (or harp) 1952 Chamber Music
Prelude and Sarabande for Grandpiano, for piano 1937 Keyboard
New York Waltzes (3), for piano 1944 Keyboard
String Quartet Set 1978 Chamber Music
Beverly's Troubadour Piece, for harp (or guitar) & 2 percussionists 1967 Chamber Music
Concerto for Flute & Percussion 1939 Concerto
Suite for Piano 1943 Keyboard
Song of Quetzalcoatl, for 4 percussionists 1941 Chamber Music
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