Harrison was the quintessential California composer, blending Western music with Pacific rim cultures, Asian, and other indigenous influences.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concerto in Slendro, for violin, celesta, 2 tack pianos & 2 percussionists 1961 09:51 Concerto Chamber Music
Concerto for Violin with Percussion Orchestra 1940 19:58 Concerto
Suite for Violin and American Gamelan (collab. with Richard Dee) 1973 27:43 Concerto Chamber Music
Double Concerto, for violin, cello & Javanese gamelan 1981 23:44 Concerto
Young Caesar, versions for puppet-opera and opera-ballet for soloists, chorus, American Gamelan or Western instruments 1970 03:14 Opera
Ariadne, ballet for flute & percussion 1987 08:01 Ballet
Sonatas (6) for Cembalo, for harpsichord 1934 19:27 Keyboard
Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra 1951 17:40 Concerto
Concerto for Flute & Percussion 1939 08:42 Concerto
Serenade for guitar with optional percussion 1978 11:12 Chamber Music
Canticle No. 3, for flute (or ocarina), guitar & percussion 1941 15:45 Chamber Music
Piano Concerto with Selected Orchestra 1983 31:20 Concerto
Suite for Percussion, for 5 percussionists 1942 10:17 Chamber Music
Praises for Hummingbirds and Hawks (Suite for Small Orchestra), for chamber ensemble 1951 01:57 Orchestral
Polka, for piano 02:16 Keyboard
Serenade for Betty Freeman and Franco Assetto, for suling & Sudanese Gamelan 1978 05:51 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Piano Trio 1989 33:34 Chamber Music
Music for Bill & Me, for harp or guitar 1966 04:03 Chamber Music
In Praise of Johnny Appleseed, for 3 percussionists 1942 11:26 Chamber Music
Western Dance, for piano 1947 02:18 Keyboard
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