Charles Ives

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Intractably original, Ives carved out a timeless legacy of innovation in music while holding down a regular job as an insurance executive.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
The Unanswered Question (I & II), for trumpet, winds & string orchestra, S. 50 (K. 1C25) 1906 Orchestral
Variations on "America," for organ, S. 140 (K. 3D5) 1891 Keyboard
Sonata No. 2: Concord, Mass., 1840-60, for piano (& optional viola, flute), S. 88 (K. 3A2) 1911 Keyboard
Orchestral Set No. 1: Three Places in New England, for orchestra, S. 7 (K. 1A5) 1913 Orchestral
Symphony No. 3: The Camp Meeting, for orchestra, S. 3 (K. 1A3) 1904 Symphony
General William Booth Enters into Heaven, song for voice & piano, S. 255 (K. 6B50) 1914 Vocal Music
String Quartet No. 2, for string quartet, S. 58 (K. 2A3) 1911 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 2, for orchestra, S. 2 (K. 1A2) 1900 Symphony
Central Park in the Dark, for orchestra, S. 34 (K. 1C27) 1906 Orchestral
Trio, for violin, violoncello & piano, S. 86 (K. 2B17) 1911 Chamber Music
Sonata No. 1, for piano, S. 87 (K. 3A1) 1901 Keyboard
A Symphony: New England Holidays (Holidays Symphony), for orchestra, S. 5 (K. 1A4) 1917 Symphony Orchestral
Orchestral Set No. 2, for orchestra (& optional chorus), S. 8 (K. 1A6) 1909 Orchestral
Three-Page Sonata, for piano (& optional glockenspiel), S. 89 (K. 3B15) 1905 Keyboard
Sonata, for violin & piano No. 4, "Children's Day At the Camp Meeting", S. 63 (K. 2C3) 1900 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 4, for orchestra (& optional chorus, theremin et alia), S. 4 (K. 1A4) 1910 Symphony
Quarter-Tone Pieces (3), for 2 pianos, S. 128 (K. 3C3) 1923 Keyboard
String Quartet No. 1: From the Salvation Army, for string quartet, S. 57 (K. 2A1) 1898 Chamber Music
Psalm 67, for chorus, S. 151 (K. 5C24) 1894 Choral
A Christmas Carol, song for voice & piano, S. 228 (K. 6B27d) 1894 Vocal Music
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