Charles Ives was the son of George Ives, a Danbury, Connecticut bandmaster and a musical experimenter whose approach heavily influenced his son. Charles Ives' musical skills quickly developed; he was playing organ services at the local Presbyterian church from the age of 12 and began to compose at 13. Ives' rural, rough-and-tumble childhood was revisited vividly and repeatedly in the music he composed as an adult. In 1894 Ives entered Yale to study music, and his father died at age 40 from a heart attack. Professor Horatio T. Parker was not at all interested in encouraging Ives' experimental style. Ives dutifully learned the basics, creating an interesting but conventional Symphony No. 1 as his graduation thesis in 1898. After barely managing to earn his diploma, Ives moved with a couple of his fraternity buddies to an apartment in New ...
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Ives Plays Ives / Record # 4 in "Charles Ives, the 100th Anniversary" 1999 Ives Plays Ives / Record # 4 in "Charles Ives, the 100th Anniversary"
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonata No. 2: Concord, Mass., 1840-60, for piano (& optional viola, flute), S. 88 (K. 3A2) 1911 43:31 Keyboard
The Unanswered Question (I & II), for trumpet, winds & string orchestra, S. 50 (K. 1C25) 1906 05:52 Orchestral
Orchestral Set No. 1: Three Places in New England, for orchestra, S. 7 (K. 1A5) 1913 17:57 Orchestral
Variations on "America," for organ, S. 140 (K. 3D5) 1891 08:06 Keyboard
Symphony No. 3: The Camp Meeting, S. 3 (K. 1A3) 1904 22:31 Symphony
General William Booth Enters into Heaven, song for voice & piano, S. 255 (K. 6B50) 1914 05:41 Vocal Music
Symphony No. 4 (with optional chorus, theremin et alia), S. 4 (K. 1A4) 1910 32:35 Symphony
String Quartet No. 2, for string quartet, S. 58 (K. 2A3) 1911 25:36 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 2, S. 2 (K. 1A2) 1900 39:44 Symphony
Three-Page Sonata, for piano (& optional glockenspiel), S. 89 (K. 3B15) 1905 07:17 Keyboard
Sonata No. 1, for piano, S. 87 (K. 3A1) 1901 37:33 Keyboard
Orchestral Set No. 2, for orchestra (& optional chorus), S. 8 (K. 1A6) 1909 16:42 Orchestral
Trio, for violin, violoncello & piano, S. 86 (K. 2B17) 1911 24:08 Chamber Music
Sonata, for violin & piano No. 4, "Children's Day at the Camp Meeting", S. 63 (K. 2C3) 1900 10:30 Chamber Music
Central Park in the Dark, for orchestra, S. 34 (K. 1C27) 1906 08:28 Orchestral
Quarter-Tone Pieces (3), for 2 pianos, S. 128 (K. 3C3) 1923 11:56 Keyboard
Psalm 67, for chorus, S. 151 (K. 5C24) 1894 02:44 Choral
A Symphony: New England Holidays (Holidays Symphony), for orchestra, S. 5 (K. 1A4) 1917 27:04 Symphony Orchestral
String Quartet No. 1: From the Salvation Army, for string quartet, S. 57 (K. 2A1) 1898 18:59 Chamber Music
Ann Street, song for voice & piano, S. 211 (K. 6B67) 1921 00:59 Vocal Music
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