My Dying Bride is a veteran English doom and gothic metal band known for serpentine compositions, dark, brooding atmospherics, beautifully produced recordings and a theatrical stage presence. Though they began as a "slower-than-usual" death metal band with brutal recordings such as 1993's As the Flower Withers and Turn Loose the Swans, the slow, dark, atmospherically brooding nature of their later recording such as 1999's The Light at the End of the World and 2001's The Dreadful Hours were invested with both classical and romantic themes, and found them ushering in gothic metal; they were also a prime influence on the second wave of doom metal alongside Anathema and Paradise Lost, the so-called "Peaceville Three" (all three bands were signed to the label at the time). 2006's widely acclaimed A Line of Deathless Kings ushered in a new ...
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