Canadian psychobilly combo the Brains graft the sounds of rockabilly and first-generation rock with hard rock and goth influences, all set to ghoulish lyrics inspired by classic horror movies and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Playing at breakneck tempos with upright bass and buzzy guitars high in the mix, the group showed off a noticeable punk undercurrent and a dark sense of humor on 2007's Hell n' Back, while their attack grew harder and more aggressive on 2010's Zombie Nation, and 2020's Satana Tarantula brought a bit more polish and precision to their performances. Not to be confused with the Atlanta-based new wave band of the same name, the Brains formed in Montreal in 2001, fittingly playing their first show on Halloween. The original lineup featured lead singer and guitarist Rene De La Muerte (aka Rene Garcia), bassist Johnny ...
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