Guillaume Dufay

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Dufay was the dominant composer of the early Renaissance and the most influential figure in Western music in the 15th century.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Missa Se la face ay pale, for 4 voices 1450 17:00 Choral
Nuper rosarum flores, isorhythmic motet for 4 voices 1463 06:20 Choral
Missa L'Homme armé, for 4 voices 1460 20:09 Choral
Mass for St. Anthony of Padua, for 3 or 4 voices (attributed) 1450 57:00 Choral
Resveilliés vous et faites chiere lye, ballade for 3 voices 1423 04:32 Vocal Music
Bon jour, bon mois, bon an et bonne estraine, rondeau for 3 voices 03:04 Vocal Music Choral
Par le regard de vos beaux yeux, rondeau for 3 voices 03:54 Vocal Music Choral
Ave maris stella, hymn for 3 voices (2 versions) 04:49 Choral
Ave Regina caelorum, antiphon for 4 voices 1464 06:55 Choral Vocal Music
Alma redemptoris mater II, antiphon for 3 voices 1440 03:53 Choral Vocal Music
Se la face ay pale, ballade for 3 voices 02:44 Vocal Music
Vergene bella, cantilena motet for 3 voices 04:22 Choral Vocal Music
Missa S Jacobi, for 3 and 4 voices 16:14 Choral
Missa Ecce ancilla Domini, for 4 voices 1463 12:42 Choral
Quel fronte signorille in paradiso, for 3 voices 02:42 Vocal Music Choral
La Belle se siet au pied de la tour, chanson for 3 voices (only cantus II part by Dufay) 02:20 Vocal Music Choral
Ce jour de l'an, rondeau for 3 voices 1475 01:57 Vocal Music
J'ay mis mon cuer et ma pensee, ballade for 3 voices 1425 02:20 Vocal Music Choral
Flos florum, cantilena motet for 3 voices 1430 04:05 Choral
Je me complains piteusement, ballade for 3 voices 1425 02:07 Vocal Music Choral
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