Jacob Obrecht

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Obrecht is historically considered to be second only to Desprez in musical importance among composers of the late 15th and early 16th centuries.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Missa L'homme armé, mass for 4 voices 148? 35:20 Choral
Missa Malheur me bat, mass for 4 voices 1497 31:03 Choral
Den haghel ende, chanson for 4 voices 01:50 Vocal Music
Salve regina, motet for 3 voices 10:29 Choral
Missa Sub tuum presidium, mass for 3-7 voices (new voice added in each section) 22:20 Choral
Parce Domine, motet for 4 voices 02:37 Choral
Stat ein meskin, chanson for 4 voices (also attrib. Isaac) 02:26 Vocal Music Chamber Music
Missa Maria Zart, mass for 4 voices 1503 01:09:23 Choral
Beata es Maria, motet for 4 voices 05:04 Choral
Si sumpsero, motet for 3 voices 1502 03:36 Vocal Music
J'ay pris amours, chanson for 4 voices 1502 04:48 Vocal Music
Als al de weerelt in vruechden leeft, chanson for 4 voices 02:04 Vocal Music
La tortorella, chanson for 4 voices 01:41 Vocal Music
Tandernaken, chanson for 3 voices (text incipit only) 02:26 Vocal Music
Rompeltier, chanson for 4 voices (poss. spurious) 01:37 Vocal Music
Fors seulement, chanson for 4 voices 1504 02:20 Vocal Music
Weet ghij wat mijnder jonghen hert deert, chanson for 4 voices (text incipit only; poss. spurious) 02:47 Vocal Music
Missa O lumen ecclesiae, mass for 4 voices 148? 29:22 Choral
Laet u ghenoughen, liever Johan, chanson for 4 voices 02:03 Vocal Music
Inter praeclarissimas virtutes/Estote fortes in bello, motet for 4 voices 1494 09:13 Choral
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