Johan Svendsen

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Johan Svendsen, along with his exact contemporary Grieg, represents Norwegian Romanticism at its apex. Outside of Norway, where his status has never been questioned, Svendsen, despite his eclipse by Grieg,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Romance for violin & orchestra in G major, Op. 26 1881 Concerto
Symphony No. 2 in B flat major, Op. 15 1877 Symphony
Symphony No. 1 in D major, Op. 4 1858 Symphony
Norwegian Artists' Carnival, for orchestra, Op. 14 1874 Orchestral
Festival Polonaise, for orchestra, Op. 12 1873 Orchestral
Carnival in Paris, episode for orchestra, Op. 9 1872 Orchestral
Ifjol gjætt' e gjeitinn (Last year I was tending the goats), variations for orchestra after a Norwegian folksong, Op. 31 1874 Orchestral
Norwegian Rhapsody for orchestra No. 1, Op. 17 Orchestral
Violin Concerto in A major, Op. 6 Concerto
Zorahayd's Legend, for orchestra, Op. 11 1874 Orchestral
Octet for strings in A, Op 3 Chamber Music
Norwegian Rhapsody for orchestra No. 2, Op. 19 Orchestral
Icelandic Melodies (2) for orchestra, Nos 1 & 2 (complete) 1877 Orchestral
Norwegian Rhapsody for orchestra No. 3, Op. 21 Orchestral
Romeo & Juliet, fantasy for orchestra, Op. 18 1876 Orchestral
Norwegian Rhapsody for orchestra No. 4, Op. 22 Orchestral
Swedish Folk-Melodies (2), for string orchestra, Op. 27 1876 Orchestral
Swedish Folk-Melodies (2) for orchestra, No. 1, Allt under himmelens fäste, Op. 27/1 Orchestral
Sigurd Slembe, Op.8 Orchestral
Saeterjentens sondag, variation for strings Orchestral
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