Ole Bull

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A leading concert violinist inspired in part by folk fiddlers and, as a composer, a pioneer in Norwegian musical nationalism, Ole Bull was the first internationally famous musician from Norway and remains…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Visit to a Summer Farm (conclusion, including The Herd Girl's Sunday) Halfdan 05:15 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Saeterjentens Sondag 02:52 Miscellaneous (Classical)
In Lonely Hours 02:24 Chamber Music
Solitude 02:51 Miscellaneous (Classical)
La Mélancolie 02:21 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Adagio Religioso, for violin & piano ("En Moders Bøn", "A Mother's Prayer") 1834 08:12 Chamber Music
Fantasy and Variations on a Theme of Bellini for violin & orchestra 15:53 Concerto
Herdmaid's Sunday, for voice & piano (or orchestra) 02:50 Vocal Music
Polacca Variata for violin & piano 07:04 Chamber Music
Polacca Guerriera for violin & piano 11:56 Chamber Music
Grand March to the memory of Washington, for brass ensemble 03:13 Chamber Music
Barcarolle, for violin & piano 1833 02:07 Chamber Music
Quartetto, for violin ("Grave sostenuto") 1837 00:48 Chamber Music
Säterjäntans söntag, for cello & organ 02:54 Chamber Music
Scotch Fantasy, for violin & piano 03:52 Chamber Music
Guitar-Serenade, for violin 01:24 Chamber Music
Seterjentens Sondag (A Shepherd Girl's Sunday), rhapsody for orchestra 1848 03:24 Orchestral
Andante cantabile, for violin & piano 01:57 Chamber Music
Aurora, for violin & piano 03:12 Chamber Music
Los Recuerdos de la Habana, for violin & orchestra (reconst. Henning Kraggaerud) 07:12 Concerto
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