Although Bruckner wrote a great deal of sacred choral music (including not only his grandly conceived Mass No. 3, but also his more intimate Mass No. 2 and his astringent motets, which fuse Renaissance and nineteenth century techniques), he is best known for his symphonies: two unnumbered apprentice works, eight completed mature symphonies, and the first three movements of a Ninth (The finale has been reconstructed by several hands, but most performances include just the movements Bruckner completed). The symphonies, influenced to some extent by Wagner and identified with his school by the Viennese public, are monumental: expansive in scale, rigorous (if sometimes gigantist) in formal design, and often elaborate in their contrapuntal writing. Their sonorities are stately and organ-like; the Viennese critic Graf wrote that Bruckner ...
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, WAB 109 1887 01:01:08 Symphony
Symphony No. 8 in C minor, WAB 108 1884 01:18:32 Symphony
Symphony No. 4 in E flat major ("Romantic"), WAB 104 1874 01:05:11 Symphony
Os justi, gradual for chorus in Lydian mode, WAB 30 1879 04:44 Choral
Locus iste, gradual for chorus in C major, WAB 23 1869 03:00 Choral
Symphony No. 7 in E major, WAB 107 1881 01:04:43 Symphony
Symphony No. 3 in D minor, WAB 103 1872 58:58 Symphony
Ave Maria (II), motet for chorus in F major, WAB 6 1861 03:30 Choral
Virga Jesse, gradual for chorus in E minor, WAB 52 1885 04:03 Choral
Te Deum in C major, for soloists, chorus, orchestra & organ, WAB 45 1881 23:11 Choral
Symphony No. 6 in A major, WAB 106 1879 56:36 Symphony
Symphony No. 5 in B flat major, WAB 105 1875 01:13:26 Symphony
Tota pulchra es, Maria, antiphon in Phrygian mode for tenor, chorus & organ, WAB 46 1878 05:10 Choral
Quintet for strings in F major, WAB 112 1879 43:45 Chamber Music
Christus factus est (II), gradual for chorus, 3 violins & 2 trombones in D minor, WAB 10 1879 05:11 Choral
Vexilla regis prodeunt, hymn in Phrygian mode for chorus, WAB 51 1892 05:06 Choral
Ecce sacerdos, antiphon for chorus, 3 trombones & organ in A minor, WAB 13 1885 05:54 Choral
Mass No. 2, for chorus & winds in E minor, WAB 27 1866 38:53 Choral
Symphony No. 1 in C minor, WAB 101 1866 49:03 Symphony
Pange lingua, hymn for chorus in D major, WAB 32 1843 03:59 Choral
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