Michael Praetorius

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Michael Praetorius was one of the most versatile and prolific German composers of the early 17th century.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Terpsichore Dances 1612 08:57 Choral Chamber Music
In dulci jubilo, for chorus & ensemble (from the Polyhymnia caduceatrix) 1619 03:33 Choral
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming), for chorus 1600 02:53 Choral
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming), instrumental arrangements 1609 02:36 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Bransle de la torche 1612 01:46 Chamber Music
Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her (from the Polyhymnia caduceatrix) 04:41 Choral
Psallite unigenito, motet 01:21 Choral
Courante and Spagnoletta 03:19 Orchestral
Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (How Brightly Shines the Morning Star) (from the Polyhymnia caduceatrix) 02:49 Choral
Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her 02:41 Choral
Den die Hirten lobten sehre 03:21 Choral
Der Quempas (Quem pastores laudavere) 03:32 Miscellaneous (Classical)
La Volte 01:43 Chamber Music
Reprinse 01:35 Chamber Music
Pavane de Spaigne, for 4 part instrumental ensemble (Terpsichore, 30) 02:29 Chamber Music
Bransle de la Torche for 5 part instrumental ensemble (Terpsichore, 15) 02:30 Chamber Music
Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier 02:40 Vocal Music
Resonet in laudibus a 7 (Eulogodia Sionia, 1611), motet 03:01 Vocal Music Choral
O Lux Beata Trinitas 03:45 Keyboard
Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem 02:32 Choral
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