Orlande de Lassus

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Along with Palestrina, Franco-Flemish composer Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594) was the dominant figure of the late renaissance.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Lamentationes Hieremiae (9), for 5 voices, H. xxii/3 1585 Choral
Missa Bell' Amfirit'altera, for 8 voices, H. viii/55 Choral
Lagrime di S Pietro (Tansillo), madrigal for 7 voices, H. xx Vocal Music
Bon jour mon Coeur (Ronsard) (Christ est mon Dieu), chanson for 4 voices, B. xi/68 (S. xii/100) Vocal Music
Prophetiae Sibyllarum... chromatico more singulari confectae, motet collection for 4 voices Choral
Missa Pro defunctis, for 5 voices, H. vi/135 Choral
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Matona mia cara, villanelle for 4 voices, S. x/93 Vocal Music Choral
La nuict froide et sombre (Du Bellay), chanson for 4 voices, B. xii/119 (S. xii/34) Vocal Music
Timor et tremor, motet for 6 voices, M. iii (S. xix/6) Choral
Susanne un jour (G. Guerault), chanson for 5 voices, B. 52 (S. xiv/29) Vocal Music
Quand mon mary vient (Quand l'homme honneste), chanson for 4 voices, B. xiii/136 (S. xii/23) Vocal Music
Tristis est anima mea, motet for 5 voices, M. iv (S. v/48) Choral
Magnum opus musicum... complectens omnes cantiones, motet collection for 2-10, 12 voices Choral
Resonet in laudibus, motet for 5 voices, M. vii (S. iii/148) Choral
Missa Tous les regretz, for 6 voices, H. v/3 Choral
Aurora lucis rutilat, motet for 10 voices, M. xxii (S. xxi/119) Choral
Omnes de Saba venient, motet for 8 voices, M. xix (S. xxi/1) Choral
Madonna mia pieta, villanelle for 4 voices, S. x/61 Vocal Music Choral
Allala la pia calia, villanelle for 4 voices, S. x/104 Vocal Music Choral
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