Leif Segerstam

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Segerstam is primarily known as a conductor, generally ranked among the most prominent from Finland in the latter 20th and early 21st centuries.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Monumental Thoughts ("Martti Talvela in Memoriam") 1989 Orchestral
Symphony No. 12 in 1 Movement, Orchestral Diary Sheet No 9 Symphony
A NNNNOOOOOWWW, for woodwind quintet 1973 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 9 in 1 Movement 1985 Symphony
Concerto for piano & orchestra, No 3 "So It Feels" 1985 Concerto
Nocturnal Thoughts 1992 Miscellaneous (Classical)
July, for piano & orchestra 1995 Concerto
Nostalgic Thoughts Miscellaneous (Classical)
A"on m...på..m-poème"-now.... for cello and piano Chamber Music
Poem No.1 for cello & piano Chamber Music
Concertino-Fantasia for violin, piano & small orchestra 1977 Concerto
Symphony No. 23 ("After thoughts with questioning questions") 1998 Symphony
Seven questions to infinity, for piano Keyboard
Moments of Peace III (1987) 1987 Orchestral
Zweixly con ped ... adagissimo con nostalgia! Keyboard
Poem No.11 for cello solo Chamber Music
Why Yes or No, for solo violin 1975 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 13 for percussion, piano & strings 1987 Symphony
Seven Red Moments Miscellaneous (Classical)
Divertimento Chamber Music
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