Christian Lindberg

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Christian Lindberg is perhaps the first classical trombonist to maintain a successful full-time performing career as a soloist.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
The World of Montuagretta, concerto for flute & orchestra 2001 Concerto
Behac Munroh, for trumpet, trombone & orchestra 2004 Concerto
Condor Canyon, for trombone & brass quintet 2000 Chamber Music
Kinky Creatures, for 4 trombones 1998 Chamber Music
Mandrake in the Corner, for trombone & orchestra 1998 Concerto
Helikon Wasp, for conducting trombonist & orchestra 2003 Concerto
Akbank Bunka, for trumpet & chamber orchestra 2004 Concerto
Under the Pillow, for 4 trombones 1998 Chamber Music
Concerto for Winds and Percussion 2002 Concerto
Joe Jack Binglebandit, for solo trombone 2003 Chamber Music
Bombay Bay Barracuda, for trombone & tape 1999 Chamber Music
Los Bandidos for trombone & piano Chamber Music
Doctor Decker, The Dentist, for 4 trombones & 2 narrators 1999 Chamber Music
Gypsy Kingdom, for trombone & string quartet 2000 Chamber Music
Suite from Galamanta, for band 2009 Band Music
Groundhog Mamba, double concerto for trumpet, trombone & brass quintet Concerto
Midvinter, for bandoneon, trombone & piano Chamber Music
Kokakoka, for solo trombone & narrator 1998 Chamber Music
... ty solen är uppe!, for trombone & male choir 1999 Choral
Steppenwolf, concerto for viola & orchestra 2010 Concerto
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