Julien Potter


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Year Album Artist
2007 Bauhaus Reviewed, 1919-1933 Walter Gropius Layout Design
2007 Carpe Diem/Les Derniers Guerriers Romantiques Isabelle Antena Layout Design
2007 Communicants Section 25 Design
2007 Elektra/Radio Moscow [Soundtracks] Blaine L. Reininger Layout Design
2007 Erik Satie: Dada Works & Entr'actes Erik Satie Layout Design
2007 Erik Satie: Musique de la Rose-Croix; Pages mystiques; Uspud Richard Cameron-Wolfe / Bojan Gorisek / Erik Satie Design
2007 Jean Cocteau, Erik Satie and Les Six Artwork
2007 Part-Primitiv Section 25 Layout Design
2007 Satie: Cubist Works, 1913-1924 Bojan Gorisek / New London Orchestra Layout Design
2006 Anthology: The Phonogram Years The Mission UK Artwork, Design
2006 Camino del Sol [LTM] Antena Layout Design
2006 Carousel The Delmontes Layout Design
2006 Futurelieder Franco Casavola Layout Design
2006 Keepsakes: A Collection All About Eve Artwork, Design
2006 Music Music Music/Slip That Disc! Dislocation Dance Design, Layout Design
2006 San Antorium Lowlife Layout Design
2006 Satie: Socrate; Melodies Richard Bernas / Susan Bickley / Eileen Hulse / Patricia Rozario Layout Design
2006 Some of the Interesting Things You'll See on a Long Distance Flight Layout Design
2006 Tidal Blues/Weekend in Wales Alison Statton Layout Design
2006 Trapdoor Swing/Dumb Luck Charm [Bonus Tracks] Benny Profane CD Layout
2006 What Do I Wish for Now?: Singles & Extras 1994-2004 Aberdeen CD Layout
2005 100 Years of Music: Live in Lisbon 1989 Blaine L. Reininger Artwork
2005 Alaska/Love Song for the Dead Che Northern Picture Library Artwork
2005 Easy Does It Isabelle Antena Design
2005 Erik Satie: Vexations Erik Satie Layout Design
2005 Idyllatry Peter Principle Layout Design
2005 L' Alphabet du Plaisir: Best of 1982-2005 Isabelle Antena Cover Design
2005 Like the Others Winston Tong Layout Design
2005 Live 1980 A Certain Ratio CD Layout
2005 No Pain No Gain: Live 1991 Revenge Design
2005 Subliminal 1980-1982 Eric Random Layout Design
2005 Ten-Thirty on a Summer Night/An Afternoon in Company Richard Jobson Layout Design
2005 The Beauty of the Empty Vessel The Occasional Keepers Layout Design
2005 Umbrellas in the Sun: A Crepuscule/Factory Benelux DVD 1979-1987 [DVD] Design
2005 Watching the Hydroplanes Tunnelvision Layout Design
2004 A Selection of Songs [Bonus Tracks] The French Impressionists Artwork
2004 Downside Up Siouxsie and the Banshees Design
2004 In Evil Hour/Clear! The Room Layout Design
2004 Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities, 1978-2001 The Cure Package Design
2004 Merry Lines in the Sky Bernthøler Artwork
2004 Night Air II Blaine L. Reininger Layout Design
2004 No Dream (Best Of) The Room Layout Design
2004 Then Again Paul Haig CD Layout
2004 Twice as Nice: Be Music/Dojo/Kamins/Baker Productions Dojo / Kamins Artwork, Design
2003 After the Click: Retrospective 1980-1989 Biting Tongues Artwork
2003 Coincidence vs. Fate Paul Haig Artwork
2003 Cool as Ice: The Be Music Productions Artwork, Design
2003 Red Shoes: Music From the Films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, 1941-1951 Artwork, Layout Design
2002 All at Once: Singles 1981-1987 The Stockholm Monsters Layout Design
2002 Night Air Blaine L. Reininger Layout
2002 Scissorgun Crispy Ambulance Cover Art Concept
2002 Surrealism Reviewed Layout Design
2002 The Damage Ludus Layout Design
2002 The Last One Back The Stockholm Monsters Layout Design, Cover Design
2001 Spectators of Life The Names Layout
2000 Sevens GNAC Layout Design
1999 Can This Be Real?: The Complete Curtom Recordings The Natural Four Artwork, Design
1998 A User's Guide Ultramarine Layout Design
1998 Guessing the Way Tunnelvision Design
1998 Lips That Taste of Tears Trembling Blue Stars Layout Design
1997 The Shady Tree Alison Statton & Spike Layout Design
1996 Her Handwriting Trembling Blue Stars Design, Layout Design
1995 Striving for the Lazy Perfection The Orchids CD Layout
1992 U.F.Orb The Orb Design
1991 Chicken Rhythms Northside Layout Design
1991 England Made Me Cath Carroll Layout Design
1991 For Keeps The Field Mice Design
1991 Unholy Soul The Orchids CD Layout
1990 Cardiffians Devine & Statton Layout Design
1990 En Cavale Isabelle Antena Design
1990 Skywriting The Field Mice Design
1989 Book of Hours Blaine L. Reininger Layout Design
1989 Godhead Lowlife Layout Design
1989 Lyceum The Orchids CD Layout
1989 Snowball The Field Mice Design
1989 The Prince of Wales Devine & Statton Layout Design
1988 Children The Mission UK Reissue Design
1988 Kalima! Kalima Layout Design
1988 On a Warm Summer Night (Tous Mes Caprices) Isabelle Antena Design
1987 Hoping for Love Isabelle Antena Design
1987 Instrumentals 1982-86 Blaine L. Reininger Layout Design
1987 The First Chapter The Mission UK Reissue Design
1987 Young and Stupid Josef K Cover Design, Sleeve Design
1986 Anna Domino Anna Domino Cover Art
1986 God's Own Medicine The Mission UK Reissue Design
1986 Night Time Shadows Kalima Layout Design
1985 Here Comes Everybody The Wake Booklet Design
1985 Pigs & Battleships Quando Quango Artwork
1985 The Warp of Pure Fun Paul Haig Artwork
1985 Theoretically Chinese Winston Tong Layout Design
1984 Lonely at the Top Hermine CD Layout
1984 The Temple of the 13th Tribe The Royal Family & the Poor Artwork
1984 Too Crazy Cowboys Thick Pigeon Artwork
1984 Yinglish Gina X Performance Layout Design
1983 Enflame The Passage Layout Design
1983 Holy Diver Dio Reissue Design
1983 Midnight Shift Dislocation Dance Design, Layout Design
1982 Harmony The Wake Cover Design
1982 I'd Like to See You Again A Certain Ratio Layout Design, Layout
1982 Pornography The Cure Design, Reissue Design
1982 Sparks in a Dark Room Minny Pops Cover Design, Sleeve Restoration
1982 World on My Plates Hermine CD Layout
1981 Faith The Cure Design, Reissue Design
1981 Juju Siouxsie and the Banshees Reissue Design
1981 Pickpocket Ludus Layout Design
1981 The Ballad of Etiquette Richard Jobson Layout Design
1981 The Shroud Of Minimal Man Artwork
1981 Voyeur Gina X Performance Layout Design
1980 From Brussels with Love Layout Design
1980 Kaleidoscope Siouxsie and the Banshees Reissue Design
1980 Pindrop The Passage Layout Design
1980 Seventeen Seconds The Cure Design, Reissue Design
1980 The Visit Ludus Layout Design
1979 Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement Minny Pops Artwork
1979 Join Hands Siouxsie and the Banshees Reissue Design
1979 Three Imaginary Boys The Cure Design, Reissue Art
1978 The Scream Siouxsie and the Banshees Reissue Design
Artists Rifles, Vol. 1: 1914-1918: The Definitive Collection Of Prose, Poetry And Music Artwork
Easy Does It/Issy Does It Isabelle Antena Design
Nelly (Pétro) van Doesburg plays Repertoire de Stijl, Bauhaus, Dada Peter Beijersbergen van Henegouwen Layout Design