Singer/songwriter Jonny Polonsky first made a name for himself with his talent for writing smart pop melodies, but he later embraced a more eclectic style that also encompassed hard rock and roots rock. Born on July 10, 1973, Polonsky began playing and writing songs during his childhood in Wilmette, IL. Using the name the Amazing Jonny Polonsky, he mailed tapes of his music to friends and musicians he admired; one of his tapes made its way to Frank Black, who was impressed enough with Polonsky's work that he produced a demo tape for him and helped him find a manager. Once again, Polonsky sent out tapes -- this time to record companies -- and secured a deal with American Records in 1995. The following year his first album, Hi My Name Is Jonny, was released. However, soon after the album's release, American lost its distribution deal and ...
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Hi My Name Is Jonny 1996 Hi My Name Is Jonny
The Power of Sound 2004 The Power of Sound
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