Devin Davis started his musical career as a member of the Florida band Irving (not to be confused with the Irving from California on Eenie Meenie Records) and then Irving Philharmonic. Moving to Chicago in 1999, Davis finally began recording his debut album in 2001. He spent two years in the studio off and on, playing almost all the instruments himself as well as producing and mixing. The end result, Lonely People of the World, Unite!, saw the light of day in March of 2005 on tiny Chicago indie label Mousse Records. The album is a delightful mix of power pop energy, chamber pop smarts, and classic '60s pop song craft, calling to mind the best work of kindred spirits like Sloan, Jason Falkner, and the New Pornographers.
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Lonely People of the World, Unite! 2005 Lonely People of the World, Unite!
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