Joseph Robichaux, who had a lengthy career, is most notable for leading his New Orleans Rhythm Boys during five recording sessions (Aug. 22-26, 1933), which resulted in 22 selections plus two alternate takes. The three-horn, four-rhythm band was explosive and completely out of character for the typical soothing music of the era. The nephew of early New Orleans bandleader John Robichaux, he began playing piano when he was quite young, and he attended New Orleans University. Robichaux worked for nine months with the O.J. Beatty Carnival. He first went to Chicago with trumpeter Tig Chambers' band in 1918, although he did not stay long. Back in New Orleans, Robichaux worked with Oscar Celestin, Earl Humphrey, Lee Collins, the Black Eagles (1922-23) and recorded with (and arranged for) the Jones-Collins Astoria Eight in 1929. Robichaux, who ...
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