Joe Bellamy


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Year Album Artist
2009 Multiplication Mountain Hap Palmer Audio Engineer
2008 Spontaneous Praise, Vol. 1 Norman Hutchins Technical Engineer
2008 Swing Dance Party Flattop Tom & His Jump Cats Mastering
2007 Cuttin' Loose Kevin Mark Mixing
2007 Imagine This Tom Braxton Mastering
2007 Starlight Johnny Boyd Mastering
2006 Road to Rio Hollywood Blue Flames Engineer, Mixing, Digital Transfers
2005 Divirtámonos Aprendiendo Con Hap Palmer Hap Palmer Engineer, Audio Engineer, Bajo Sexto, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass
2005 For the Chosen Who Rod Piazza Mixing
2005 Nickels & Dimes Mitch Kashmar Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Soul Sanctuary Hollywood Blue Flames Engineer, Mastering
2005 Then and Now: 40 Years of Boogie Canned Heat Engineer
2004 Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet?: Songs for Learning Through Music and Movement Hap Palmer Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mastering
2004 Elmore D Band Elmore D / Elmore D Band Mastering
2004 Eternity Shut in a Span: Music for Christmas by J.A.C. Redford Utah Chamber Artists Remastering
2004 Shades of Blue Kirk Fletcher Engineer, Mixing
2004 The Great Organs of First Church, Vol. 2 David Goode Engineer
2004 Think About It Alex Schultz Editing
2004 Tranquil Moods [2004 Box] Engineer, Overdub Engineer
2003 A Festival Song: The Music of Craig Phillips Thomas Foster / Craig Phillips Engineer
2003 Bluju Frank "Paris Slim" Goldwasser Engineer, Mixing
2003 Critic's Choice: Leonard Maltin's Favorite Movie Themes Mastering
2003 Friends in the Can Canned Heat Engineer
2003 Gaucho/Aja/Countdown to Ecstacy Steely Dan Assistant Engineer
2003 Gene Taylor Gene Taylor Mastering
2003 The Complete A&M Recordings Joan Baez Assistant Engineer
2003 The Pieces The Pieces / Pieces / The Pieces / Pieces Engineer
2003 Two Little Sounds Hap Palmer / Two Little Sounds Engineer, Audio Engineer, Keyboards
2002 Classic Album Collection, Vol. 2 Andy Williams Assistant Engineer
2002 He's Alive Don Francisco Mastering
2002 Magic Soul Elixer Al Blake Engineer, Mastering
2002 Meet Me on the Coast R.J. Mischo Mastering
2002 One Little Sound: Fun with Phonics and Numbers Hap Palmer Audio Engineer
2002 Tenchi The Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love (Original Soundtrack) Christopher Franke Remastering
2002 The Gospel According to Jazz: Chapter 2 Kirk Whalum Mastering
2001 Can Cockatoos Count by Twos: Songs for Learning Hap Palmer Audio Engineer
2001 Early Childhood Classics Hap Palmer Audio Engineer
2001 Last Word In... Johnny Boyd Mastering
2001 The Essential Joan Baez Live: The Electric Tracks Joan Baez Assistant Engineer
2001 World Around Song Hugworks Mastering
2000 Acuarela de Tambores Alex Acuña Mastering
2000 Blues Across America: Los Angeles Mixing
2000 Cool Disposition R.J. Mischo Mastering
2000 Critic's Choice: Leonard Maltin's Best Movie Themes of the '90s [2 CD] Mastering
2000 Critic's Choice: Leonard Maltin's Best Movie Themes of the Nineties City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Mastering
2000 Friday Night Live Mastering
2000 Hymns of Vaughan Williams Choir of the First Congregational Church Of Los Angeles Engineer
2000 Lonesome Tree Karen Hammack Engineer, Mixing
2000 Never Too Late Michael O'Neill Engineer
2000 New Coat of Paint: Songs of Tom Waits Engineer
2000 The Staff The Staff Mastering
2000 Wake Up and Live Billy Sheets Mastering
2000 World Wide Wood Lynwood Slim Mastering
1999 A Tom Paxton Tribute Carolyn Hester Mastering
1999 Broken: Healing Cynthia Clawson Engineer, Recorder, Mastering
1999 Grace on Grace Don Francisco Mastering
1999 Living Worship Let's Worship Terry Clark Mixing, Recorder, Organ
1999 Stay Tuned Nu Mix Mastering
1999 Ultimate Ellington Crown Project Mastering
1999 Walter "Shakey" Horton: Live Big Walter Horton Mixing, Remixing, Mastering
1998 Back to Back Lynwood Slim Mastering Engineer
1998 Easter Hymns, Carols & Anthems All Saints Episcopal Church Choir Editing, Engineer, Mastering
1998 Takin' Chances James Harman Engineer
1998 The Gospel According to Jazz Kirk Whalum Digital Editing, Post Production Engineer
1997 A Tone for My Sins Denny Freeman Mastering
1997 Choir of Angels II: Mission Music Engineer
1997 Comin' Atcha Terry Harrington Engineer, Mixing, Digital Editing, Mastering
1997 Mr. Blake's Blues Al Blake Engineer, Mastering
1997 My Blues Kim Wilson Engineer, Mastering
1997 Signifyin' Fred Kaplan Engineer, Sax (Alto)
1997 Super Blue & Funky Pat Boyack Mastering
1997 The Essence of Melissa Manchester Melissa Manchester Assistant Engineer
1997 Too Small to Dance Big Rhythm Combo Mastering
1996 Best of Tuxedo Junction: Chattanooga Choo Choo Tuxedo Junction Engineer
1996 Return of the Funky Worm Johnny Moeller Mastering
1996 Voice of the Wind: Personal Worship, Vol. 1 Chuck Girard Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1995 God's Love: Integrity Music's Scripture Memory Songs Engineer
1995 Hymns Through the Ages All Saints Episcopal Church Choir Engineer
1995 Overcoming Stress Scripture Memory Songs Engineer
1995 Renewing Your Mind Scripture Memory Songs Engineer
1995 There is a Hope Alicia Williamson Engineer
1994 God's Comfort: Integrity Music's Scripture Memory Songs Scripture Memory Songs Engineer
1994 Just for Kids: Jump for Joy Just-For-Kids Engineer, Mixing
1994 Silence & Music All Saints Episcopal Church Choir Engineer
1993 Citizen Steely Dan Steely Dan Assistant Engineer
1993 Integrity Music's Scripture Memory Songs: Encouragement Engineer
1993 Integrity Music's Scripture Memory Songs: Personal Victory Engineer
1992 Integrity Music's Scripture Memory Songs: Healing Engineer
1992 Integrity Music's Scripture Memory Songs: Overcoming Guilt Engineer
1992 Jazz Project Humberto Ramírez Engineer
1992 Urban Hope Urban Hope Assistant Engineer
1992 Vision of the Valley Don Francisco Engineer
1991 A Childhood Remembered Engineer, Mixing
1991 Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend Bryan Duncan Engineer
1991 Sanctuary Twila Paris Engineer
1991 Wisdom of the Wood: Contemporary Acoustic Music Engineer
1990 Narada Equinox Sampler, Vol. 2 Engineer
1990 The Narada Nutcracker Engineer
1989 Mil Amores Doug Cameron Assistant Engineer
1988 High Praise Don Francisco Mixing, Piano
1987 Never for Nothing Margaret Becker Engineer
1986 Frontline Koinonia Engineer
1985 Ever Call Ready Ever Call Ready Engineer, Remixing
1985 No Time to Lose Andraé Crouch Assistant Engineer
1984 Desert Rose Chris Hillman Engineer, Audio Engineer
1980 One Eighty Ambrosia Engineer, Associate Producer
1980 The Truth of Us David Pomeranz Engineer
1979 Gavin Christopher Gavin Christopher Engineer
1979 Messin' with the Boys Cherie & Marie Currie Engineer
1979 Tuxedo Junction Tuxedo Junction Engineer, Remix Engineer
1978 Ever Call Ready Chris Hillman Engineer, Remixing
1978 Open Your Eyes The Faragher Brothers Engineer
1978 Portrait Lynda Carter Engineer
1977 Aja Steely Dan Assistant Engineer
1976 Andy Andy Williams Assistant Engineer
1976 From Every Stage Joan Baez Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1976 It's in Everyone of Us David Pomeranz Assistant Engineer
1976 Let's Get It Together El Coco Bass
1972 Climax Climax Bass
1970 Goodness & Mercy Goodness & Mercy Vocals, Bass
Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles Richard Morris Engineer
Deep in America Hollywood Blue Flames Engineer, Mixing, Digital Transfers
Great Organs of First Church, Vol. 1 Frederick Swann Engineer
Heat for the Feets Lee Garrett Engineer
Love Letters David Shostac Engineer
Melissa/Better Days and Happy Endings Melissa Manchester Assistant Engineer