Joachim Raff

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An essentially self-taught musician, Raff was lauded in his homeland as a master of contemporary musical techniques.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Cavatina for violin & piano, Op. 85/3 1859 Chamber Music
Etude for piano ("La fileuse"), Op. 157/2 Keyboard
Sangesfr├╝hling, songs (30) for voice & piano, Op. 98 1855 Vocal Music
Sonatillen, version for violin & piano, Op. 99 Chamber Music
Abends-Rhapsodie, Op. 163b Orchestral
Concerto for piano & orchestra in C minor, Op. 185 Concerto
Ode to Spring for piano & orchestra, Op. 76 1857 Concerto
Symphony No. 5 in E major ("Lenore"), Op. 177 1872 Symphony
Symphony No. 3 ("Im Walde" or "In the Forest") 1869 Symphony
Morceaux (6) for violin & piano, Op. 85 1859 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 10 in F minor ("In Autumn"), Op. 213 1879 Symphony
Symphony No. 9 in E major ("In Summer"), Op. 208 1878 Symphony
Italian Suite for orchestra 1871 Orchestral
Symphony No. 8 in A major ("Fr├╝lingsklange"), Op. 205 1876 Symphony
Maria Stuart, song cycle for voice & piano, Op. 172 1872 Vocal Music
Symphony No. 11 in A minor ("Der Winter"), Op. 214 1876 Symphony
Symphony No. 4 in G minor, Op. 167 1871 Symphony
Dame Kobold, overture, Op. 154 Orchestral
Symphony No. 2 in C major, Op.140 Symphony
Romeo and Juliet Overture, for orchestra 1879 Orchestral
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