Violinist Fritz Kreisler was one of the most beloved and best known of early recording era musicians. His burnished tone and patrician phrasing were quintessentially Viennese, and the warmth of his playing won him devoted followers wherever he appeared. So great was his fame and the affection in which he was held that he survived a blaze of controversy when he revealed in 1935 that many of the short pieces he had performed as transcriptions of such composers as Couperin, Vivaldi, and Pugnani were, in fact, his own work. While the critics fumed, the public expressed little concern and continued to pack his concert appearances. Kreisler was the son of a famous surgeon, a good amateur musician who gave young Fritz his first violin lessons. Kreisler made his public debut at seven in a collection of short works. Shortly thereafter, he was ...
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Schön Rosmarin, for violin & piano 1910 02:03 Chamber Music
Liebesfreud (Love's Joy), for violin & piano 1910 03:42 Chamber Music
Caprice Viennois, for violin & piano (or orchestra), Op. 2 1910 04:02 Chamber Music
Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow), for violin & piano 1910 03:44 Chamber Music
Tambourin Chinois, for violin & piano, Op. 3 1905 03:41 Chamber Music
Praeludium and Allegro in the Style of Pugnani, for violin & piano 1910 05:35 Chamber Music
Marche Miniature Viennoise, for violin & piano 1924 03:12 Chamber Music
La Gitana for violin & piano (after an 18th century Arabo-Spanish Gypsy song) 1919 03:10 Chamber Music
Recitativo and Scherzo-Caprice, for solo violin, Op. 6 1911 04:47 Chamber Music
The Old Refrain, for violin & piano (transcription of Johann Brandl's "Du alter Stefansturm" from Der liebe Augustin) 1910 03:28 Chamber Music
Rondino on a Theme by Beethoven, for violin & piano 1905 02:41 Chamber Music
Minuet in the Style of Nicola Porpora, for violin & piano 1910 03:54 Chamber Music
Farewell to Cucullain (Londonderry Air), for violin & piano 1921 04:05 Chamber Music
Sicilienne and Rigaudon in the Style of Francoeur, for violin & piano 1905 04:23 Keyboard Chamber Music
Aubade Provençale in the Style of Louis Couperin, for violin & piano 1910 02:37 Chamber Music
La chasse in the Style of Cartier, for violin & piano 1910 02:00 Chamber Music
Tempo di Menuetto in the Style of Pugnani, for violin & piano 1910 03:42 Chamber Music
Variations on a Theme of Corelli, for violin & piano 1910 03:18 Chamber Music
Allegretto in the Style of Boccherini, for violin & piano 1910 03:04 Chamber Music
Midnight Bells, for violin & piano (after "Im Chambre séparée" from Heuberger's "Der Opernball") 1901 03:33 Chamber Music
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