Although New Mexico resident Jenny Bird isn't a huge name in the music world, the veteran singer/songwriter has been quite active on the folk circuit since the ‘70s. Producer/drummer Jerry Marotta has described Bird's folk-rock singing as "quiet and loud," which sounds like a contradiction, but isn't in Bird's case -- she isn't a fragile, waifish sort of singer, but she isn't an aggressive belter, either. Bird (who often plays acoustic guitar on her recordings) is quite capable of vulnerability, yet she brings a quiet strength to much of her work. If Sam Shaber and former October Project singer Mary Fahl are the essence of big-voiced, full-bodied belting, and Jewel and Suzanne Vega exemplify the waifish approach, Bird is somewhere in between. Her introspective, often spiritual approach to folk-rock has reflected her interest in the ...
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Joy of It 2002 Joy of It
Into Stars 2000 Into Stars
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