Mancunian Dylan Nathan is one of a generation of artists to begin producing electronic music inspired by U.K. artists such as Orbital and Aphex Twin, but without having much interest in or contact with the British acid house explosion from which those artists originally issued. Recording under the name Jega for several prominent labels, Nathan's well-composed hybrids of new wave, electro, ambient, and drum'n'bass are widely lauded in the international experimental electronic underground; his releases for noted Manchester-based, Autechre-affiliated label Skam are among the label's best. Nathan got his start after close friend Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq, who also owns the Planet Mu label) urged him to get a few pieces of gear and begin making tracks. The results of that initial push were released by Skam in 1996 as the Phlax EP, which was ...
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