Born in 1860, Isaac Albéniz is best known for piano music that brilliantly evokes the spirit of Spain. As a composer-virtuoso, Albéniz successfully melded together composition and performance to create a bravura style reminiscent of the music of Liszt, seasoned with Spanish folk idioms. The work that most convincingly represents this synthesis of virtuosity and tradition is the enchantingly colorful and atmospheric Iberia, a suite of 12 pieces recalling Spanish (particularly Andalusian) places and dances. Albéniz used folklore as his inspiration, but created a singular melodic style, which eventually influenced Debussy and Ravel. Believing that artistic originality and an interest in one's national musical tradition do not exclude each other, Albéniz likewise was largely the creator of the Spanish musical idiom that would be adopted ...
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Iberia Suite, for piano, B. 47 1905 01:18:34 Keyboard
Suite española No. 1, for piano, Op. 47, B. 7 1886 16:21 Keyboard
Recuerdos de viaje, pieces (7) for piano, Op. 71, B. 18 1887 28:40 Keyboard
España, album leaves (6) for piano, Op. 165, B. 37 1890 14:06 Keyboard
Piezas características (12), for piano, Op. 92, B. 29 1888 21:02 Keyboard
Mallorca, barcarola for piano in F sharp minor, Op. 202, B. 41 1891 06:41 Keyboard
Navarra, for piano in A flat major, B. 49 1909 05:34 Keyboard
Pepita Jiménez, lyric comedy in 2 acts 1896 01:11:27 Opera
Merlin, opera in 3 acts 1898 02:14:57 Opera
Iberia Suite, for orchestra (orchestrated by Arbos from "Iberia" for piano) 1906 33:06 Orchestral
Zambra granadina (danse orientale), for piano in D minor, B. 42 1890 04:17 Keyboard
Cantos de España, pieces (5) for piano, Op. 232, B. 44 1896 18:02 Keyboard
España (Souvenirs), pieces (2) for piano, B. 45 1896 08:18 Keyboard
Azulejos, for piano, B. 50 1908 09:27 Keyboard
Spanish Dances (2) (Morceaux charactéristiques), for piano, Op. 164, B. 36 1888 03:47 Keyboard
Pavana capricho, for piano in E minor (also arranged for 2 pianos), Op. 12, B. 1 1882 04:23 Keyboard
Catalonia, suite populaire, for orchestra (only 1st of 3 parts completed) 1899 04:44 Orchestral
Serenata española, for piano in D flat major, Op. 181, B. 39 1890 04:25 Keyboard
Piano Concerto in A minor, "Concierto fantástico" (orchestrated by Trayter; also arranged for 2 pianos), Op. 78 1887 25:48 Concerto
Rapsodia española, for piano & orchestra, Op. 70 (orchestrated by Enescu from original for piano) 1887 12:59 Concerto
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