Part Impressionist, and part neo-Classicist, Manuel de Falla is difficult to peg, but he is widely regarded as the most distinguished Spanish composer of the early twentieth century. His output is small but choice, and revolves largely around music for the stage. Falla's reputation is based primarily on two lavishly Iberian ballet scores: El amor brujo (Love, the Magician), from which is drawn the Ritual Fire Dance (a pops favorite, often heard in piano or guitar transcriptions), and the splashy El Sombrero de tres picos (The Three-Cornered Hat). He also gained a permanent place in the concert repertory with his evocative piano concerto, Nights in the Gardens of Spain. Born in 1876,Falla first took piano lessons from his mother in Cádiz, and later moved to Madrid to continue the piano and to study composition with Felipe Pedrell, the ...
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
El Sombrero de tres picos, ballet in 2 parts, G. 53 1917 30:08 Ballet
El Amor brujo, ballet for mezzo-soprano & orchestra in 1 act, G. 68 (revised version) 1916 19:57 Ballet
Noches en los jardines de España (Nights in the Gardens of Spain), for piano & orchestra, G. 49 1909 21:55 Concerto
La Vida breve, opera, G. 35/39 (2 versions) 1905 58:14 Opera
Siete canciones populares española (7 Popular Spanish Songs), for voice & piano, G. 40 1914 10:19 Vocal Music
Homenaje pour "Le tombeau de Claude Debussy," for guitar, G. 56 1920 03:18 Chamber Music
Spanish pieces (4), for piano, G. 37 1906 14:55 Keyboard
Concerto, for harpsichord (or piano), flute, oboe, clarinet, violin & cello, G. 71 1923 13:39 Concerto
Suite Populaire Espagnole, for violin & piano (arr. from "Popular Spanish Songs" by Kochanski) 1926 11:47 Chamber Music
Fantasía Baetica, for piano, G. 55 (orchestrated by Halffter) 1919 13:10 Keyboard
Ritual Fire Dance, for orchestra (from "El Amor brujo") 1914 03:44 Orchestral
Psyché, for mezzo-soprano, flute, harp & string trio, G. 67 1924 05:21 Vocal Music
Serenata andaluza, for piano (transcribed by Velasco for guitar), G. 13 1900 04:44 Keyboard
Danza Espanola, for orchestra (from "La Vida Breve") 03:38 Orchestral
El Amor brujo, concert version for small orchestra, G. 48 1917 19:12 Orchestral
El Sombrero de tres picos, Suite No. 1, for orchestra (scenes and dances from Part I), G. 58 1921 10:17 Orchestral Ballet
El Sombrero de tres picos, Suite No. 2, for orchestra (scenes and dances from Part II), G. 59 1921 11:40 Orchestral Ballet
El Amor brujo, suite from the revised ballet for orchestra, G. 69 1916 16:03 Orchestral
Atlántida, scenic cantata, G. 102 (unfinished, completed by Halffter 1961, rev. 1976) 1927 01:39:08 Opera
Homenajes, suite for orchestra 1938 16:18 Orchestral
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