Ingram Marshall

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While composer Ingram Marshall's earliest compositions were electronic works, he has increasingly written for live musicians, including the Kronos Quartet. In the mid-'60s, he studied under Vladimir Ussachevsky,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Fog Tropes, for brass sextet, fog horns & tape 1982 09:59 Chamber Music
Dark Waters, for English horn & tape 1995 17:12 Chamber Music
Holy Ghosts, for oboe d'amore & live digital delay processing 1999 09:15 Chamber Music
Rave, for oboe & sound samples 1995 19:14 Chamber Music
In My Beginning Is My End, for piano quartet 20:33 Chamber Music
Entrada (At the River) for string quartet amplified with processing 05:06 Chamber Music
Evensongs, for string quartet 28:34 Chamber Music
Three Penitential Visions, for tape 25:30 Electronic/Computer Music
Hidden Voices, for soprano & tape 1989 19:12 Vocal Music
Gambuh 1, for gambuh, synthesizer & tape delay 1975 17:15 Chamber Music
September Canons 2002 13:17 Chamber Music
Bright Kingdoms, for orchestra & tape 18:56 Orchestral
Fog Tropes II, for string quartet & tape 1993 10:34 Chamber Music
Peaceable Kingdom 1990 17:58 Chamber Music
Authentic Presence, for piano 12:05 Keyboard
Woodstone 1981 17:27 Chamber Music
Soepa, for guitar 15:42 Chamber Music
The Fragility Cycles ("Gambuh") 1976 14:58 Chamber Music
Easy Pieces (5), for piano, 4 hands 10:42 Keyboard
Alcatraz, for synthesizers, buoys, birds, fog horns, singing, gambuh flute & cell doors 46:14 Electronic/Computer Music
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