Howard Goodall

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Psalm 23 (Theme from "The Vicar of Dibley" TV series), for chorus, strings & organ 1994 Choral
The Lord Is My Shepherd, song Choral
Ecce Homo (Theme from "Mr. Bean" TV series), for chorus & organ Choral
Eternal Light: A Requiem, for soloists, chorus & ensemble Choral
Love divine, for chorus & orchestra 2000 Choral
Pro alios curantibus (For Those Who Care for Others), for voices, cello, organ, handbells & synthesizer Choral
Piano Fantasy: Tongue-Tied Keyboard
Inspired, for guitar & orchestra Concerto
Every Purpose Under Heaven, oratorio 2011 Choral
And the Bridge is Love, for cello & string orchestra 2008 Concerto
Der Wind auf leeren Strassen, for chorus & piano Miscellaneous (Classical)
Nocturnes, for piano Keyboard
Remember Bethlehem, for chorus Miscellaneous (Classical)
Blackadder Back & Forth, film score Film Music Film Score Soundtracks Stage & Screen
Salisbury Canticles, for chorus 2000 Choral
Red Dwarf, television series theme 1988 Film Score
Spared , for chorus & piano Choral
Romance of the Epiphany, for chorus & piano Miscellaneous (Classical)
Shackleton's Cross, for oboe, trumpet & chamber orchestra (or for piano or for trumpet & organ) 2012 Orchestral
Winter Lullabies, for chorus & harp Choral
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