Giovanni Sollima

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Rigorous yet passionate Sicilian cellist and composer possessing wide-ranging classical acumen and contemporary flair.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Violoncelles, Vibrez!, ballad for 2 cellos & strings Chamber Music
Alone, for cello Chamber Music
Spasimo Fragments, for baritone/alto saxophones, piano & percussion 1995 Chamber Music
Il bell'Antonio, television film score 2005 Film Score
Viaggio in Italia, for string quartet 2000 Chamber Music
Di Di
Sento il Canto in Curva
Loof and Let Dine
Aquilarco #6 (Spinning Top Prelude)
Lamentatio, for viola 1998 Chamber Music
Aquilarco #3 (Ornithomanteia)
Bestiario di Leonardo, for 4 guitars Chamber Music
J. Beuys Song, for cello & electronics Chamber Music
Fecit Neap. 17..., for cello, strings & continuo 2011 Concerto
Aquilarco #2 (Hintone's Drawings)
Heimat Terra, for violin & cello 1993 Chamber Music
Caravaggio, for strings Chamber Music
Yet Can I Hear, song for voice & 2 cellos Vocal Music
Give You Up
When We Were Trees, for 2 cellos & ensemble Chamber Music
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