Emmanuel Chabrier

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A French composer and pianist who was an imaginative composer, particularly for piano works, and most appreciated by fellow artists.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
España, rhapsody for orchestra, also arranged for 2 pianos 1883 Orchestral
Joyeuse marche (Marche française), for orchestra or piano, 4 hands 1888 Orchestral
Pièces pittoresques (10), for piano 1881 Keyboard
Mélodies (6), for voice and piano 1890 Vocal Music
Le roi malgré lui, opéra-comique in 3 acts 1884 Opera
Bourrée fantasque, for piano (also for orchestra) 1891 Keyboard
Pièces posthumes (5), for piano 1891 Keyboard
Habañera, for piano (or orchestra) 1888 Keyboard
L' Étoile, opéra-bouffe in 3 acts Opera
Souvenirs de Munich, quadrille on themes from Wagner's "Tristan and Isolde, " for piano, 4 hands 1885 Keyboard
Early Songs (9), for voice & piano 1862 Vocal Music
Suite pastorale, for orchestra 1888 Orchestral
Gwendoline, opera in 2 acts 1885 Opera
Chanson pour Jeanne, for voice & piano 1886 Vocal Music
Valses romantiques (3), for 2 pianos or orchestra 1883 Keyboard
Larghetto, for horn & orchestra 1875 Concerto
Impromptu, for piano in C major 1873 Keyboard
L'invitation au voyage, for voice & piano 1870 Vocal Music
Lied: Nez au vent, mélodie for voice & piano Vocal Music
Air de ballet, for piano Keyboard
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