Jules Massenet

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Massenet is remembered as one of the most popular French composers of the late Romantic period, best known for his operas.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Manon, opera in 5 acts 1882 02:10:46 Opera
Werther, lyric drama in 4 acts 01:17:32 Opera
Thaïs, opera in 3 acts 1892 01:47:06 Opera
Hérodiade, opera in 4 acts 02:33:03 Opera
Élégie: O doux printemps d'autrefois, for voice & piano (from "Mélodies, Vol.1") 1866 03:12 Vocal Music
Oh! si les fleurs avaient des yeux, for voice & piano (from "Mélodies, Vol.7") 1903 02:30 Vocal Music
Le Cid, opera 43:48 Opera
Ouvre tes yeux bleus, for voice & piano (from "Mélodies, Vol.3") 1878 02:07 Vocal Music
Si tu veux, mignonne, for voice & piano (from "Mélodies, Vol.2") 02:40 Vocal Music
Esclarmonde, opera in 4 acts 02:35:28 Opera
Suite No.4 for orchestra ("Scènes pittoresques") 16:48 Orchestral
Pensée d'automne: L'an fuit vers son déclin, for voice & piano (from "Mélodies, Vol.3") 1888 04:26 Vocal Music
Nuit d'Espagne: L'air est embaumé, for voice & piano (from "Mélodies, Vol.1") 1874 03:47 Vocal Music
Le Cid, suite for orchestra 19:30 Orchestral
Suite No.7 for orchestra ("Scènes alsaciennes") 1882 22:36 Orchestral
La Vierge, sacred legend in 4 acts 01:02:55 Opera
Le jongleur de Notre-Dame, opera in 3 acts 10:40 Opera
Méditation, for violin & orchestra (or other arrangement) (from opera "Thaïs") 05:08 Concerto Orchestral
Sérénade de Zanetto, for voice & piano 1869 01:46 Vocal Music
Don Quichotte, opera in 5 acts 01:50:20 Opera
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