Dynamite Deluxe was German hip-hop trio whose career -- at least the first phase -- lasted from 1997 until 2000. Their first release, a mixtape entitled Dynamite Deluxe Demo, was an eight track EP that hit the streets in 1997. Dynamite Deluxe went on to record a number of EPs and singles over the next three years, including 1997's Deluxe Stylee, 1999's The Classic Vinyl Files, and 2000's "Wie Jetzt." In 2000 the band released their first full-length album, Deluxe Soundsystem, however, the trio also broke apart when Samy Deluxe called it a day. The three continued to work together on different projects, and in 2007 Samy, Tropf, and DJ Dynamite made a live comeback appearance on MTV in December of that year. A single, "Dynamit!," was released in January of 2008, and an album, TNT, hit stores on January 25 of that year.
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