With horror movie inspired graphics on the outside of his releases and bleak, provocative lyrics inside his music, Ferris MC has become one of Germany's more infamous rappers. In his lyrics he often references his difficult childhood in Bremen with an alcoholic stepfather and drug abuse at school. His love of punk gave way to a new love of rap while in high school. It was there he met Flowin Immo and DJ Pee and formed the group F.A.B. (Freaks Association Bremen). In 1994, in association with the indie label MZEE, the group released the album Freaks, a heavily influential effort that would inspire many of the hardcore German rappers to follow. With disagreements and problems with drug addiction, F.A.B. dissolved in 1997 and Ferris headed to Hamburg to begin a solo career. It was there he met his DJ, DJ Stylewarz, and recorded his debut ...
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