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Year Album Artist
2022 The Albums, Vol. 1: 1970-1978 Kool & the Gang Composer
2022 Old School Songs but It's Lofi Fruits Remix Chill Fruits Music / Lofi Fruits Music Composer
2022 Albums, Vol. 2 Kool & the Gang Composer
2021 Movie Scene Lakeyah Composer
2021 Love, Lakeyah Lakeyah Composer
2019 Taller Jamie Cullum Composer
2019 Moulin Rouge! The Musical Composer
2018 RFM Disco Funk [2018] Composer
2018 Collected Kool & the Gang Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
2017 Wonderful Wonderful The Killers Composer
2017 The Man The Killers Composer
2017 Jungle Is Massive [Ministry of Sound] Composer
2016 Kool & the Gang and Friends! Kool & the Gang Composer
2015 Rapper's Delight [Ministry of Sound] Composer
2014 Latest & Greatest: Hip-Hop Anthems Composer
2014 '90s Smooth Grooves Composer
2013 Now That's What I Call Music! USA Composer
2013 Def Jam 25, Vol. 25: Classics Composer
2013 20 TLC Composer
2012 We Love the Nightlife: Dance Dance Dance Composer
2012 We Love the Nightlife Composer
2012 R&B Summerjamz Composer
2012 Ministry of Sound Anthems: Hip-Hop II Composer
2012 Get Down on It: The Collection Kool & the Gang Composer
2012 Back to Reality Composer
2011 Icon Kool & the Gang Composer
2010 Snoop Dogg Presents: The West Coast Blueprint Snoop Dogg Composer
2010 Pure Swing [Universal 2010] Composer
2010 Original Hits: Rap & Soul Composer
2010 Największe Hity z Ekranu Composer
2010 Essential R&B: 90's Anthems Composer
2009 Live at Montreux 2009 Kool & the Gang Composer
2009 Blast from the Past Subnoize Souljaz Composer
2009 Best of the I.R.S. Years Dread Zeppelin Composer
2009 100 Hits: Movies Composer
2008 This Is...1996 Composer
2008 The Ultimate Collection 100 Hits: Seventies Composer
2008 LateNightTales Arctic Monkeys Composer
2008 I Love 90's [Mixed Repertoire] Composer
2008 Hip Hop the Collection: The Classics Composer
2008 Digital Box Set EPMD Composer
2008 Dad's Jukebox Composer
2008 40th Anniversary Kool & the Gang Composer
2007 Videology Kool & the Gang Composer
2007 True Funk Composer
2007 The 50 Greatest Songs Kool & the Gang Composer
2007 Super Hits Live Kool & the Gang Composer
2007 Prime 17: The Greatest Funk Songs of All Time Composer
2007 Old School Jams, Vol. 7 Composer
2007 Number 1's Kool & the Gang Composer
2007 Nachtschicht, Vol. 26 Composer
2007 Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons Kool & the Gang Composer
2007 Hip Hop Classics [Universal] Composer
2007 Greatest Hits: I Still Got 5 On It Luniz Composer
2007 Disco Fever, Vol. 1-4 Composer
2007 Colour Collection Kool & the Gang Composer
2007 Best of Funk [Madacy] Composer
2007 Best Of Luniz Luniz Composer
2006 We Got the Funk [Time Life] Composer
2006 The Best of Hip Hop, R&B Selected by Melodic Lover Composer
2006 The Best of Blaxploitation Composer
2006 That's So Raven Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2006 Party Starter: Funk Mix Composer
2006 Melodic Lover Urban & Reggae Selection Composer
2006 How to Eat Fried Worms Composer
2006 Get Down on It: The Very Best of Kool & the Gang Kool & the Gang Composer
2006 Game Theory The Roots Composer
2006 Funk: The Essential Album Composer
2006 Essential Playlist: 20 Non-Stop Hits! Funk Composer
2006 Don't Feel Right [Single] The Roots Composer
2006 Disco Fever: Young Hearts Run Free [#2] Composer
2006 Disco Fever: I Love The Nightlife [#1] Composer
2006 Daddy Cool [Universal] Composer
2006 Daddy Cool Kool & the Gang Composer
2006 Culture Club, Vol. 4 Composer
2006 Body + Soul: Blue Lights in the Basement Composer
2006 Beerfest Composer
2006 #1 Hits: Retro 70s Rock Composer
2005 Ultimate Hits: Ultimate Disco Composer
2005 The Ultimate Collection [Island/Def Jam] Kool & the Gang Composer
2005 Reunited Again Composer
2005 Live 40th Anniversary Greatest Hits Kool & the Gang Composer
2005 Kool & the Gang [Laserlight] Kool & the Gang Composer
2005 Kiss Presents Hip Hop Classics 2 Composer
2005 Inside Deep Throat Composer
2005 Hollywood Cool Composer
2005 Greatest Hits [C-Note] Luniz Composer
2005 Gold Kool & the Gang Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Composer
2005 Dance, Freak and Boogie Composer
2005 Complete Urban Composer
2004 Thug Nation [Razor & Tie] Composer
2004 The Hits: Reloaded Kool & the Gang Composer
2004 The Best of R&B: Summer Selection Composer
2004 Superbad Composer
2004 Super Disco Funk Composer
2004 Muro Mix: Break Beats Muro Composer
2004 Mr. 3000 Composer
2004 Lion King 1 1/2 Composer
2004 History Of HipHop [Universal] Composer
2004 Hip Hop: The Collection Composer
2004 Funky Stuff Kool & the Gang Composer
2004 Funk Explosion Composer
2004 Best of Cult Fiction Composer
2004 Best Of Soul [Madacy Box Set] Composer
2004 40 Classic Composer
2003 Ultimate Disco: 30th Anniversary Collection Composer
2003 The Very Best of Pure R&B: The Summer Collection Composer
2003 Star 702 Composer
2003 Soul '70s: Boogie Down Composer
2003 Respect: The Soul Generation Soundtrack Composer
2003 No. 1 Hits of Disco Soul Funk Rare Grooves Composer
2003 Magnum Opus, Vol. 3 Composer
2003 Live Hits Kool & the Gang Composer
2003 Gold Funk and Soul Composer
2003 Gangthology Kool & the Gang Composer
2003 Classic Funk: The Universal Masters Collection Composer
2003 70's Soul Mix Composer
2003 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Funk Composer
2003 100% Black, Vol. 4 Composer
2002 The Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack Composer
2002 The Funk Collection Kool & the Gang Composer
2002 The Best of Kool & the Gang [Japan] Kool & the Gang Composer
2002 Solid Gold Funk Composer
2002 Rap Rules [DVD] Composer
2002 Hits of the 90's [Camden] Composer
2002 Funked!, Vol. 2: 1973-1977 Composer
2002 Drew's Famous Island Party Jams Drew's Famous Composer
2002 Chronic Jointz: The Hitz, Vol. 1 Composer
2002 Blam! Kustard Kings Composer
2001 Say It Loud! A Celebration of Black Music in America [Box Set] Composer
2001 Jock Jams: The All-Star Jock Jams Composer
2001 Instant Party: Disco Boogie Composer
2001 Gangland Kool & the Gang Composer
2001 Funk Soul USA Composer
2001 Funk Classics Composer, Vocals (Background)
2001 DJ Masters: Slammin' Jams Composer
2001 Big Hits 1980-2000: Black Composer
2000 Universal Masters Collection Kool & the Gang Composer
2000 Third World Cop Composer
2000 Survivor: The Official Survivor Party Survival Composer
2000 Respect: The Soundtrack to the Soul Generation Composer
2000 Rap Attack [EMI-Capitol Special Markets] Composer
2000 Old School Hip Hop [Thump] Composer
2000 Old School Funkin' Hip-Hop Composer
2000 New Millennium Party Composer
2000 Hip Hop Madness Composer
2000 Hip Hop In The 90's Composer
2000 Billboard Top Hits: 1995 Composer
2000 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best of Kool & The Gang Kool & the Gang Composer
1999 The Very Best of Kool & the Gang Kool & the Gang Composer
1999 That '70s Show Presents That '70s Album: Jammin' Composer
1999 Respect: Rotary Connection/Ramsey Lewis/Etta James Composer
1999 Power Millenium: The Best Dance Hits Ever, Vol 2 Composer
1999 Out of Business EPMD Composer
1999 Millennium Party [Rhino Box] Composer
1999 Ill Rated DJ Rectangle Composer
1999 Foolish Composer
1999 Essential Soundtracks Composer
1999 Egil Music Presents: Urban Jungle Composer
1999 Budweiser Presents: Frank & Louie's Greatest Hits Composer
1999 Best Hip Hop Anthems Ever Composer
1998 The Shadiest One WC Composer
1998 Pure Funk Composer
1998 O.G. Funk: Locking, Vol. 1 Composer
1998 Now Dance '98 Composer
1998 Most Wanted 1996 Composer
1998 Millennium Party: Funk Composer
1998 Hip Hop Coast 2 Coast Composer
1998 Have a Nice Decade: The 70s Pop Culture Box Composer
1998 Greatest Hits [Polygram] Kool & the Gang Composer
1998 Greatest Hits Live Kool & the Gang Composer
1998 Great & Remixed '91 Kool & the Gang Composer
1998 Funk Jam! Composer
1998 Funk Classics: The 70's, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 First Generation: Virgin 25 Years Composer
1998 Club Hits '98-99 Composer
1998 Class Reunion: The Greatest Hits of 1973 Composer
1998 Chart Toppers: Dance Hits of the 70s Chart Toppers Composer
1998 Bay Area's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Composer
1998 All-Time Greatest Hits Kool & the Gang Composer
1998 70's Funk & Soul Classics Composer
1997 Superstars Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 Composer
1997 Planet Radio: Maximum Music Composer
1997 Only Dance 1970-1974 Composer
1997 Dance Funk Composer
1996 The Number One Rap Album Composer
1996 The Hip Hop Factory: The Bomb Hip Hop, Vol. 1 Composer
1996 The Best Swing...Ever Composer
1996 Rock On 1973: Diamond Girl Composer
1996 Pure Collection Composer
1996 Only Soul 1970-1974 Composer
1996 Old School, Vols. 1-5 Composer
1996 Old School Boogie Composer
1996 Now That's What I Call Music! 33 [UK] Composer
1996 Movie Killers Composer
1996 MVP Classic Funk, Vol. 1 Composer
1996 Dance Mix UK, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Anthology [EMI] Kool & the Gang Composer
1996 Absolute Let's Dance, Opus 12 Composer
1995 The Story of Soul Music Composer
1995 Operation Stackola Luniz Composer
1995 I Got 5 on It [US Single] Luniz Composer
1995 Hip Hop Essentials [EP] Composer
1995 Disco Nights, Vol. 2: The Best of Disco Funk Composer
1995 Billboard Hot Soul Hits: 1974 Composer
1995 Absolute Dance, Vol. 10 Composer
1994 Ready to Die The Notorious B.I.G. Composer
1994 Pulp Fiction [Music from the Motion Picture] Composer
1994 Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs Composer
1994 Project: Funk Da World Craig Mack Composer
1993 The Best of Kool & the Gang 1969-1976 Kool & the Gang Composer
1993 In Yo' Face!: The History of Funk, Vol. 3 Composer
1992 Whut? Thee Album Redman Composer
1992 It's Not Unusual Dread Zeppelin Composer
1992 Back to Back Kool & the Gang Composer
1991 Sounds of the Seventies: 1974 - Take Two Composer
1991 Soul Hits of the 70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind!, Vol. 12 Composer
1991 Soul Hits of the '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind!, Vols. 1-15 Sampler Composer
1991 Son of Super Bad Composer
1991 Mega Hits Dance Classics, Vol. 8 Composer
1990 The '70s Preservation Society Presents Those Funky '70s Composer
1990 Kool & the Gang Spin Their Top Hits Kool & the Gang Composer
1988 Everything's Kool & the Gang: Greatest Hits & More Kool & the Gang Composer
1976 The Best of Kool & the Gang [De-Lite] Kool & the Gang Composer
1975 Spirit of the Boogie Kool & the Gang Composer
1973 Wild and Peaceful Kool & the Gang Composer
Éxitos Estrella de los 90's Vol. 3 Composer
Éxitos Estrella de los 70's, Vol. 3 Composer, Vocals (Background)
live, laugh, luxurious Composer
Workout Rock Composer
Wir Lieben Kino: Die Schönste Filmmusik der Welt Composer
Westwood Hip Hop Club Bangers Composer
West Coast Party Composer
West Coast Hip-Hop [Universal] Composer
Wednesday Hump Day Composer, Vocals (Background)
Vibras Hip Hoperas Composer
Viaje a 1995 Composer
Viaje A 1973 Composer
Vacation 2021 Composer
Uptown Saturday Night: We Got the Funk Composer
Uptown Saturday Night: Classic R&B Jams Composer
Ultimate Party Classics Rock Composer
Tubes Disco Composer, Vocals (Background)
Thumbplay Music Presents: Old School Hip Hop Composer
Throwback Tunes: Hip Hop Composer
Throwback Hits #TBT90´s Composer
Throwback Hip Hop Composer
Throwback Anthems Composer
The Ultimate Funk Album, Vol. 1 Composer
The Man Jamie Cullum Composer
The Kickback Brody Brown Composer
The Grandmaster Flash Collection Composer
The Best of Disco & Funk Composer
The Best New Year's Party Album in the World...Ever! Composer
The Best 70s Album in the World...Ever! Composer, Vocals (Background)
The Ultimate Skate Hip-Hop Album, Vol. 2 Composer
The Ultimate Old School Hip-Hop Album, Vol. 2 Composer
The Lost Tapes, Vol. 2 Luniz Composer
The Best of C-Note Records Composer
Temazos y Hitazos: 90's Composer
THC: The Hits Collection Composer
TBT Composer
Summer Hip Hop & RnB Composer
Summer Escape Composer
String Theory: Music from Albéniz to Zeppelin Richter Uzur Duo / Brad Richter / Viktor Uzur Original Material
Straight Outta Old Skool Composer
Stoner Anthems Composer/Lyricist
Special Delivery [2021] Composer
Soul of the 70s Composer
Soul Jams/Old School 7 Composer
Solo Party Composer
Soccer World Championship 2022 Composer
Saturday Night Party Disco Dancing Composer, Vocals (Background)
Rock Gym Workout Composer
RnB Old School Composer
Reggae Soul Composer
Rap Attack Composer
Radar de Éxitos: Hip Hop Composer
Radar de Éxitos: Halloween Composer
Radar de Éxitos: Funk Composer, Vocals (Background)
Radar de Éxitos: De Película Composer, Vocals (Background)
Pre-Game The Roots Composer
Pasaporte a los 90s Composer
Pasaporte a los 70s Composer, Vocals (Background)
Party Tyme Karaoke: R&B Female Hits 6 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Origins of Funk Composer
Onda buena onda Composer, Vocals (Background)
Old School R&B [Universal] Composer
Old School Hip Hop Composer
Old Music Alert 70s Composer, Vocals (Background)
Office Party: Work Hard, Party Harder! Composer
Nyári Retro Party 2021 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Now That's What I Call Old Skool Composer
Nostalgia: Hip-Hop Composer
Nineties Party Music Composer
New Rock Hits Composer
Música de los 90 Composer
Música Disco en Ingles Composer, Vocals (Background)
My pockets came with extra Chedda Composer
Movie and TV Hits Composer, Vocals (Background)
Movie Soundtracks Composer
Movie Classics Composer, Vocals (Background)
Modo Hip Hoper Composer
Midwest Mix Composer
Mid 90s Composer
Man Crush Monday Composer
Lullaby Versions of Kool & the Gang Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star Composer
La Mejor Musica Disco Composer, Vocals (Background)
Just for Kicks Composer
Just Chillin' [Ministry of Sound] Composer
Is Disco Baby! Composer, Vocals (Background)
In the Jungle Kids Songs Composer, Vocals (Background)
I Got Funk: Time to Get Down Composer
Hits Disco, Sep 2020 Composer
Hit Connection 96, Vol. 1 Composer
HipHop Collected [2022] Composer
Hip-Hop's Most Haunted Composer
Hip-Hop Wedding Songs Composer
Hip Hop 嘻哈世代 [Hip Hop Generation] Composer
Hip Hop Time Composer
Hip Hop Summer Sound Waves Composer
Hip Hop Retro Composer
Hip Hop Party Classics Composer
Hip Hop Mixtape [2020] Composer
Hip Hop Classsics Composer
Hip Hop Beats [Universal] Composer
Hip Hop Bangery Composer
Hip Hop 90s [Universal] Composer
Hip Hop 90s Composer
Hip Hop 2020 [Sweden] Composer
Hip Hop & Basketball Composer
Heavy Beatz Composer
Happy Soul for Kids Composer
Halloween Thriller Composer
HH '90 Composer
Génération 90 [Universal] Composer
Greatest Movie Hits [Universal] Composer
Greatest Hits [Universal] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Greatest Ever: 70s Groove Composer
Grandes Temazos [Funk] Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Golden Age Hip-Hop & RnB Composer
Girls of Rap Composer
Get Down Jessi Dee Composer
Funky Vibres Composer, Vocals (Background)
Funky Jazz, Blues & Soul Composer
Funky Jamz Mix Composer, Vocals (Background)
Funky Funk Funk Composer, Vocals (Background)
Funky Disco Hits Composer
Funk/Soul/Disco Composer, Vocals (Background)
Funk [UMTV] Composer
Funk Music Composer, Vocals (Background)
Fun Funk Composer, Vocals (Background)
Full Música Disco Composer, Vocals (Background)
Fortune Favors the Bold Dave East Composer
Forever Disco [Universal] Composer
Football World Cup Songs Composer
Football World Cup Hits 2022 Composer
Fitness & Workout Box Composer
Film Hits [Universal] Composer
Film Graffiti Composer
Feel the Funk [UMOD] Composer
Father's Day: Hip Hop Classics Composer
Fall Funk Composer, Vocals (Background)
Entrenamiento Rockero Composer
Días UP Funk Composer, Vocals (Background)
Día Hip Hop Composer
Drew's Famous Happy Songs The Hit Crew Composer
Downtown Funk Composer
Dope! Composer
Disco Funky Para Bailar Composer, Vocals (Background)
Disco Dancing [2019] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Dale al play!: Hip Hop Composer
Dale al Play!: Halloween Composer
Dad's Jukebox: The Very Best Of The 60's, 70's & 80's Composer
Cottage Music: Throwback Hip-Hop Composer
Coolsweat, Vol. 2 Composer
Cool Sweat Classics [2020] Composer
Comeback Pop Hits Composer, Vocals (Background)
Classic R&B [Rhino] Composer
Classic R&B Hits Composer
Classic Pop Hits Composer
Classic Hip Hop [Rhino] Composer
Classic Cuts: Funk & Soul Composer
Classic 90s [Universal] Composer
Chilled Hip Hop Composer
Chill Hip Hop Composer
Chart Show: Die Erfolgreichsten: One-Hit-Wonder [Folge 1] Composer
Capodanno Disco Dancing Party 2022 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Capodanno Disco Dancing Party Composer, Vocals (Background)
Capodanno 2021 Disco Dancing Composer, Vocals (Background)
Capodanno 2020 Disco Dancing [2021] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Capodanno 2020 Disco Dancing Composer, Vocals (Background)
Bucks Party Composer
Bong Hits: 420 Classics Composer
Black Music Mix Tape: Soul Composer, Vocals (Background)
Black History Month: Funk+Hip-Hop Composer, Vocals (Background)
Best of Disco Music: Classics [2023] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Best of Disco Music Classics Composer, Vocals (Background)
Best of Disco Funk Composer
Best of 2021 Hip-Hop Composer
Best of 2017 Rock Composer
Beers Oo the Balcony Composer
Basketball Songs Composer
Barbershop Cuts Composer
Back to the nineties Composer
Amore a 4 Zampe Canzoni per Bambini Composer, Vocals (Background)
Aislamiento social Vocals
A pleno Hip Hop Composer
90s Rap Hip Hop Composer
90s Rap Composer
90s New Year's Party Composer
90s Hits Composer
90s Hip-Hop [2021] Composer
90s Hip Hop [August, 2021] Composer
90s Hip Hop [2019] Composer
90s Hip Hop Composer
90's Throwback Party Composer
90's Rap [2022] Composer
90's R&B Composer
90's Movies Hits Composer
90's Mixtape Composer
90's Hip Hop [Universal] Composer
70s Disco Composer, Vocals (Background)
70s Dance Hits Composer
70's Drive: Disco Composer, Vocals (Background)
5IVE ON IT Bawer / Kalim Composer
50 Top Funk Classics Vocals
5 on It Steff Da Campo Composer
420 Hits Composer
40 Éxitos De Los 70's, Vol. 3 Composer, Vocals (Background)
40 Exitos: Disco Composer, Vocals (Background)
4 All Ages: Soul Music Composer, Vocals (Background)
101 R&B Hits Composer
101 Party Hits [Universal] Composer
101 90s Hits [Spectrum] Composer
100% Éxitos: Halloween Composer

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