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Year Album Artist
2016 Bimyou Xavier Dunn Mixing
2011 Best of the Best [Universal] Mixing
2006 Two's Company: The Duets Cliff Richard Engineer, Mixing
2006 Povertyneck Hillbillies Povertyneck Hillbillies Mixing
2005 The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful Cherry Monroe Mixing
2005 Power Weapons in the Complex Between Home & Serenity Mixing
2004 Spider-Man 2 [Original Soundtrack] Danny Elfman Mixing, Digital Editing
2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse [Original Soundtrack] Mixing
2004 Every Solution Has Its Problem Start Trouble / Trouble Is Mixing
2004 Andiamo Authority Zero Mixing
2004 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Nelson Nelson Producer, Audio Production
2003 We Were Born in a Flame Sam Roberts / Sam Roberts Band Mixing
2003 Unspoken Jaci Velasquez Mixing
2003 Tacos Deluxe The Fabulous Thunderbirds Mixing
2003 Sorry Song/What Do You Do The Troys Mixing
2003 Smile Empty Soul Smile Empty Soul Mixing
2003 Smallville: The Talon Mix [Original TV Soundtrack] Mixing
2003 S.W.A.T. Elliot Goldenthal Mixing
2003 Milagro Jaci Velasquez Mixing
2003 Live Simple Plan Mixing
2003 Everything You Need Slightly Stoopid Mixing
2003 Buried in Your Black Heart Burden Brothers Mixing
2002 Volume Flipp Mixing
2002 Same Old Song Sev Mixing
2002 More: Live [Video/DVD] Crystal Lewis Choir/Chorus
2002 Insomniac's Dream Adema Mixing
2002 Hush Stacia Mixing
2002 Great Duets Engineer, Mixing
2002 Elva Unwritten Law Mixing
2001 Up All Night Unwritten Law Mixing
2001 Trip to the 13th Bliss 66 Mixing
2001 Lookin' Good: Getting Some Fun Out of Life/Let's Eat Home Dave Frishberg Engineer, Mixing Engineer
2001 Josie and the Pussycats [Original Soundtrack] Mixing
2001 Adema Adema Mixing
2000 Sense Field/Onelinedrawing [Split CD] Onelinedrawing / Sense Field Engineer
2000 Project 13 Cold Mixing
2000 MTV: The Return of the Rock, Vol. 2 Mixing
2000 Girlfight Mixing
2000 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage Cold Mixing
1999 The Science of Things Bush Mixing
1999 Part of the Deal Sense Field Producer, Mixing
1999 Live: Now & Then Marc Jordan Remastering
1999 Jact Jact Engineer, Mixing
1999 American Pie [Original Soundtrack] Mixing
1998 For the Masses Mixing
1998 Feverish Pure Mixing
1998 Fame L.A. Remixing
1998 Disturbing Behavior Producer, Mixing
1998 24-7 Garrison Starr Remixing
1997 We've Been Had Again Huffamoose Engineer, Mixing
1997 Tied & Tangled Glitterbox Mixing
1997 The Silence Is Broken Nelson Producer
1997 Jamie Blake Jamie Blake Engineer, Mixing
1997 Home Alone 3 Mixing
1997 Grand World Cool for August Mixing
1996 The Craft Mixing
1996 Imaginator Nelson Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Butt Rockin'/T-Bird Rhythm The Fabulous Thunderbirds Mixing
1995 Because They Can Nelson Producer, Engineer
1995 A Matter of Time Syn Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1994 Sixteen Stone Bush Mixing
1992 The Kingbees, Vols. 1 & 2 The Kingbees Producer, Engineer
1992 Back to the Garden Richard Dworsky Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1991 World Wide Love Little River Band Producer, Mixing
1991 Indaba John Capek & The Family of Man Mixing
1991 Greetings from Kartoonistan...(We Ain't Dead Yet) Kaleidoscope Engineer, Pre-Mastering Engineer
1991 Frankie and Johnny Producer
1991 Change Starr Parodi Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
1991 Brave Young Boy Money Talks Producer
1990 The Best of Bill Medley Bill Medley Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1990 Money Talks Money Talks Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1990 Brent Bourgeois Brent Bourgeois Producer, Engineer
1990 After the Rain Nelson Mixing
1989 The Karate Kid Part III [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Producer
1989 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Producer
1989 Best of Real Life: Send Me an Angel Real Life Producer
1989 Beckett Beckett Producer, Mixing
1988 Gringo Gregg Rolie Producer, Engineer
1987 Yoyo Bourgeois Tagg Producer
1987 Touch Laura Branigan Engineer, Mixing, Programming
1986 Bourgeois Tagg Bourgeois Tagg Producer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
1986 America's Treasure Judy Garland Creative Consultant
1985 USA for Africa: We Are the World USA for Africa Mixing
1984 Straight from the Heart (Into Your Life) Coyote Sisters Producer
1982 Olivia's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Olivia Newton-John Engineer
1981 The Big Rock The Kingbees Producer, Engineer
1981 Physical Olivia Newton-John Engineer, Mixing
1980 Xanadu [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Electric Light Orchestra / Olivia Newton-John Engineer, Mixing
1980 The Kingbees The Kingbees Producer, Engineer, Original Album Producer, Remixing
1980 John Farrar John Farrar Engineer
1979 Meatballs Engineer, Mixing
1979 Mary Macgregor Mary MacGregor Producer, Engineer, Synthesizer, Percussion
1978 Totally Hot Olivia Newton-John Engineer, Mixing
1978 Grease [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Engineer, Mixing, Remixing
1977 Getting Some Fun Out of Life Dave Frishberg Engineer, Remixing
分手情歌 [Breakup Love Song] Mixing
throwback songs that hit different Engineer, Mixing
Work Out Motivations Mixing
Work From Home: Pop Hits Edition Mixing
Women of 90s Mixing
Women Rock Mixing
Wedding Party [2019] Engineer, Mixing
Viral Summer Hits 2021 Mixing
Viejitas y variadas Mixing
Viejitas Y Sabrosas Mixing
Viaje a 1995 Mixing
Viaje a 1978 Engineer, Mixing
Trending 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Top of the Morning Engineer, Mixing
Tias Super Cool Mixing
Throwback Thursday Mix, Vol. 5 Mixing
Throwback Summer Hits Engineer, Mixing
Throwback 90's Mixing
The Memorable Soundtracks Mixing
The Best 90's Album in the World Ever [Universal] Mixing
The Best 70s Album in the World...Ever! Engineer, Mixing
Tarde Pop Mixing
TOP Disco [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Slow Rock Greatest Hits Mixing
Sleep Music Rock Edition Mixing
Sing-Along Classics Engineer, Mixing
Shower Music Engineer, Mixing
Romanticos Night Engineer, Mixing
Retro Pop [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Rain in the Summertime Songs Mixing
Pure Duets, Vol. 2 Engineer, Mixing
Pure Duets Mixing
Pop Tv Engineer, Mixing
Pop Internacional [2000-2010] Mixing
Pop Classics Engineer, Mixing
Pop 90s Mixing
Pop 1990s Mixing
Pasaporte a los 90s Mixing
Pasaporte a los 70s Engineer, Mixing
Old But Gold Mixing
Nostalgia Disco Dancing Engineer, Mixing
Nineties Nostalgia Mixing
Neon Gas Evan Russell Saffer Synthesizer, Mixing, Producer
NOW 90's Generation Hits Mixing
Musikalfavoriter Engineer, Mixing
Music Anthems : Girl Power Mixing
Movie Classics Engineer, Mixing
Mothers Day [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Mood Alegre Engineer, Mixing
Mañanas Domingueras Mixing
Love Songs [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Let's Go 90s Party! Mixing
Legendary Women Mixing
International Women's Day Mixing
House Party Jams Engineer, Mixing
Home Workout Anthems Mixing
Home Office Party Mixing
Hits of the 1990s Mixing
Hitazos en Inglés Engineer, Mixing
Hitazos Infantiles Engineer, Mixing
Have a Great Day! Mixing
Génération 90 [Universal] Mixing
Grl Pwr [2021] Mixing
Greatest Hits [Universal] Mixing
Greatest 90s Hits Mixing
Good Vibes Bangers Mixing
Girls Rule [June, 2021] Mixing
Girls Night Out [2020] Engineer, Mixing
Girl Power [2021] Mixing
Girl Boss Mixing
Gay Party Engineer, Mixing
Flashback Disco [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Femei de zece Mixing
Female Pop Hits 2021 Mixing
Feelgood Classics 2021 Engineer, Mixing
Esenciales Rock Alternativo Mixing
Empoderadas y Felices Mixing
Dosis Hipster Mixing
Disco Music Engineer, Mixing
Disco En La Disco Engineer, Mixing
Dale Al Play! 90s Mixing
Cuando Calienta El Rock, Vol. 2 Mixing
Crowd Pleasers [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Coconut Girl Mixing
Clásicas Bonitas pero Viejitas Engineer, Mixing
Clasicos Del Rock, Vol. 4 Mixing
Clasicos Del Rock, Vol. 2 Mixing
Clasicos 70' 80' 90' en Ingles Engineer, Mixing
Choking On Halos Leanne Kingwell Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Unknown Instrument, Composer
Cheesy Hits Engineer, Mixing
Capodanno 2020 Disco Dancing [2021] Engineer, Mixing
Canciones de Siempre: Grupos Mixing
Canciones de Siempre: Ellas Engineer, Mixing
Bridesmaids Anthems Mixing
Breakup Songs [Universal] [2021] Mixing
Best of Disco Music Classics Engineer, Mixing
Best of 90's: Anni Novanta Mixing
Best 70's Hits Engineer, Mixing
Baladas Románticas Viejas y Lindas Engineer, Mixing
Back to School 2021 - POP EDITION Engineer, Mixing
Alternative Rock: The Best of the Rest Mixing
Alla tiders hits 80 & 90-talet Mixing
90s Smash Hits Mixing
90s Pop Hits Mixing
90s Love Songs [Febrauary, 2021] Mixing
90s Band Mixing
90's Pop [Universal] [2020] Mixing
90's Mixtape Mixing
90's Alternative [2021] Mixing
70s Mix [Universal] Engineer, Mixing
70s Memories Engineer, Mixing
70s Love Songs [Feb 05, 2021] Engineer, Mixing
4 All Ages: Rock Music Mixing
30 Best 90s Modern Rock Mixing
2021 Hits Engineer, Mixing
2019 Mix Engineer, Mixing
1990s Mix-Tape Mixing
100% Exitos: Clasicos Vol. 2 Engineer, Mixing