Although Chris Vrenna is best known for his period as drummer with Nine Inch Nails, since leaving Trent Reznor's troupe in 1996, he has been busy creating a good reputation for himself as a talented producer and engineer. Vrenna first appeared on the Chicago industrial scene in the mid- to late-'80s. Having been briefly a member of Die Warzau, he made a number of valuable contacts in the area. Before long he hooked up with Trent Reznor, who was then in the process of recording his debut album, Pretty Hate Machine. This was the beginning of a six-year partnership, during which time Vrenna remained the only permanent member of Reznor's band. Despite taking a break to temporarily join Stabbing Westward, Vrenna continued to work with Reznor on Marilyn Manson's first three albums. By 1996, relations between the two had soured and Vrenna ...
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