Big Data is the contemporary electropop project of Brooklyn-based producer and Harvard graduate Alan Wilkis, inspired by themes of humans vs. technology. Vocalist Daniel Armbruster, Rajeev Basu ("interactive/hacker"), and GHOST+COW ("visual") have also been credited with early input. During the tail end of the 2000s and the beginning of the 2010s, Wilkis established himself as a remix producer for the likes of Temper Trap ("Sweet Disposition"), Fenech-Soler ("Demons"), and Yelle ("Que Veux-Tu") -- one who makes all-new instrumentals and uses only the vocal tracks from the original material. Big Data took shape in 2012 and debuted the following October with a four-track EP titled 1.0, issued on Wilkis' Wilcassettes label. The same year, Wilkis also issued PRINTS -- a four-track release as well, based on collaborations with Armbruster's ...
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2.0 2015 2.0
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